Big B and the acts of drunkenness on the screen

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He has now given up on drinking and he does not perform acts of drunkenness on the silver screen, but Amitabh Bachchan aka Big B has given one of the most scintillating performances as a drunkard. Critics may have panned his film SHARAABI, but for Big B the film is quite close to his heart. It was the magical lyrics of the song ‘Nasha Sharab mein hota to Nachti botal’– that made SHARAABI immortal for the fans of Big B as also of Kishore Kumar.

Indeed, among the most comic moments of Hindi cinema have been those featuring Big B and he has performed these scenes enacting the status of drunkenness. He first displayed his dexterity in being a master of a drunk scene in the film DO ANJAANE, where he and Prem Chopra have a bout of drink and then Prem Chopra throws him out of the train.


However, Big B literally came into his own through that iconic scene in AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY where he puts the band aid on the mirror. The enactment of the status of a drunkard that Big B did in AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY has not been surpassed till date. He carried on this scene with a different prop, it is a cockroach in the film KASME VAADE, and the fear of roaches which most of us suffer from was enacted in stark reality. Another version of the scene was enacted by him in HUM, where he goes to tell Romesh Sharma about the plan of the villains to harm him. While this was the scene of individual performance a scene of drunken stupor in the song from the same film, HUM, ‘Jumma Chumma De de’ is one of the best pub songs that have been picturised in the Hindi film industry.

Manmohan Desai after hitting a bulls eye in AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY created a situation for Big B in NASEEB as well to once more enact the scene of a drunkard and the icing on the cake was that Big B shared a song with legendary Mohammed Rafi, the song being ‘Chal Mere Bhai’.

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Prakash Mehra and Manmohan Desai as a matter of fact vied with each other to create one memorable drunk scene after the other through their films, so if Manmohan Desai gave him a ‘Chal Mere Bhai’ in NASEEB, Prakash Mehra gave him- Thodi see jo pee lee hai, chori to nahee kee hai– the swan song for the drunkards for all times to come.

His last creditable performance as a drunkard on the silver screen was in the film BUNTY AUR BABLI before the song ‘Kajrare Kajrare’. But as he continues to explore new frontiers who knows one might get a new version of SHARAABI factoring in his present age. Cheers to that!

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