Bipasha Basu: I am trying to face my fears

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Bipasha Basu is back. For someone who saw a resurgence of sorts last year with RAAZ 3, Bipasha is now being seen in her second horror flick AATMA. One wonders whether it was a conscious call to do two horror thrillers in a row.

downloads BIPASHA BASU wallpapers
downloads BIPASHA BASU wallpapers

‘No’, immediately says Bipasha, ‘On the contrary I had thought of doing a comedy after RAAZ 3. However AATMA came along and it had such a fantastic story with meat for me to perform as an actress that there was no reason to look elsewhere. At this point in my career, I am looking for quality and entertaining films. I just want to take up work which excites me every day.’

The way things stand, especially with Vikram Bhatt’s CREATURE being her next big ticket film, and again belonging to horror-thriller genre, seems like this is one zone which is exciting her most.

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Says Bipasha after a brief pause, ‘Well, the only explanation that I give myself is that somewhere in my subconscious self I am trying to face my fears. Ever since I was a kid, I have been scared of darkness. May be I am trying to battle that now.’

Hopefully this battle would see Bipasha take a victory march once the film releases on 22nd March.

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