Birthday Special: 8 times Karan Johar made your funny bone tickle with double meaning jokes


Karan Johar is one of the few directors who is full of wit & double meaning jokes. He can mock himself & make us laugh our hearts out at any event. On his birthday today, we bring you some incidences where he tickled our funny bones with double meaning jokes/dialogues. Take a look…

The most memorable ones were from BOMBAY VELVET trailer launch

Karan Johar at the movie's second trailer launch replied to directing himself with, “Why would I cast myself and be my own liability? If anyone wants to put money on me, they can do it and cast me. I’ll act. I am open to offers. Otherwise also I am open.”


BOMBAY VELVET has a scene where Ranbir Kapoor had to press Karan Johar’s face towards the car window.

Remembering the scene, Ranbir Kapoor revealed that Karan Johar told him, “Tu mujhe daba. So from the time I started pressing him, he started getting hurt. But he went so much into the scene that he kept on telling me Tu dabate jaa, dabate jaa.” Karan, whose head was in pain after the scene, replied to this with, “Tune achi tarah se nahi dabaya. If you had pressed properly then I wouldn't get hurt.”    

When Karan & Hrithik met at an awards night!


Karan Johar: “This is as boring as it gets then. I'm sitting & so are you.”

Hrithik Roshan: “You want me to come a little closer?” Karan Johar: “I don't mind. You do what you want. It's upto you. I'm just your muse. Play with me.”

When Karan Johar got an award from Malaika Arora Khan!


Karan Johar: “Getting an award from Malaika whose certain body part walks in before you do is a very big honour .”

Malaika Arora Khan: “How would he know that?”

Karan Johar: “Darling. I know everything about the posteriors.”

When Malaika Arora Khan interviewed Karan Johar!

Karan Johar: “You have scripted questions?”

Malaika Arora Khan: “What would you like?”

Karan Johar: “Whatever you want Malaika. I can offer you very little.”

Post the famous Salman Khan episode on ‘Koffee With Karan’, this is what happened when the duo met at an awards function soon after!

Salman Khan: “Since you've come here, don't go. Don't leave me like this alone onstage. Sofa vofa hai kuch? Bistar. Sofa. Chair. Kuch bhi.”

Karan Johar: “Maine kya bighada hai Salman? Maine toh opening episode pe bulaaya.” Salman Khan: “Sofe le aao na. Sofe koi le aao na.”

Karan Johar: “Main letna nahi chahta.”

Salman Khan: “Aapko koi letana bhi nahi chahta yaha par.”

Karan Johar: “Yahi toh problem hai. Kabse main keh raha hoon main letna chahta hoon actually but stage pe nahi.    

And this is the result of Salman Khan interviewing Karan Johar

Salman Khan: “Aapne abhi tak shaadi kyun nahi ki?”

Karan Johar: “I'm also a virgin. Technically”

Salman Khan: “Yeh technically or not technically kya hota hai?”

Karan Johar: “Yeh backstage bataunga. Pun intended.”

Salman Khan: “Interviews aap kiski lena pasand karte ho- Heroine ya heros ki?”

Karan Johar: “Dekhiye. Do ladkiyon ko aap daal do couch par toh zyaada maza aata hai. Toh I would say the girls. Lekin of course solid personality aapki tarah then of course there's no comparison.”

Salman Khan: “Nahi nahi aap kehna kya chah rahe hai yaha par?”

Karan Johar: “As a host, I swing both ways.”

This is how Malaika Arora Khan & Karan Johar responded when a journalist asked the former, “Malaika aap Karan ke kuch cheezein batayein andar ke” at their show launch.

Karan Johar: “Mere andar ke baatein Malaika nahi batayenge.”

Malaika Arora Khan: “Andar ki baatein hum kabhi nahi batayenge.”

Karan Johar: “Mere andar ki baatein gandi baatein hoti hai.”

Malaika Arora Khan: “Jo bhi yeh kar rahe hai. Inke saare episodes mein jo stunts hai bade pyaar se maine unko sikhaya hai.”

Karan Johar: “Malaika stretches me & I stretch along.”





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