Birthday Special: Hema Malini’s most complex role

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Kisi Shayar Ki Ghazal, Dream Girl… Kisi Jheel Ka Kanval, Dream Girl….

Hema Malini fondly called as ‘Dream Girl’ is truly a poet’s dream and her beauty is beyond words to describe but I think more than her beauty it was her histrionics that cemented her career in Bollywood. Today she turns 65 yet she looks as beautiful as ever. Glamsham.Com wishes her many happy returns of the day.


While a lot has been written about her fascinating beauty and her love affairs
Glamsham.Com looks at one of her most complex role that established her as an actress par excellence.

Wanna guess which role was it? Is it ANDAAZ, in which she played a widow despite being just 23-years old or was it SEETA AUR GEETA, in which she had the herculean task of playing the double role which was the female version of Dilip Kumar’s classic RAM AUR SHYAM. Well, none of them. The movie that Hema Malini considers as her toughest performance is LAL PATTHAR (1971) opposite Raaj Kumar and Raakhee.

Though the younger lot may not have seen this movie, the fact is LAL PATTHAR was, perhaps, the first movie which tested the histrionics of Hema Malini. In the movie Hema Malini is depicted as Raaj Kumar’s first wife, who neglects her and falls in love with a younger woman played by Raakhee, after ten years of marriage.

Interestingly, Hema Malini who portrayed the older wife of Raaj Kumar was in reality younger than Raakhee, yet she took the challenge and excelled.

In an interview Hema Malini confessed, ”My toughest role has been in LAL PATTHAR. In fact, when my director Sushil Majumdar narrated me the role of a beautiful yet neglected wife of a rich zamindaar, I was in a fix as I was just 23-years old and had no idea how to enact the emotions of a rejected wife.”

She continued, ”The most amusing thing about the movie was the scene where I had to persuade my husband to distract him from the other woman. I had to say, ”‘Mujh Mein Aisi Kaun Si Kami Hai?” when in reality there were horde of people running after me to marry me. Nevertheless I give full credit to Sushil Majumdar who motivated me and extracted a great performance out of me.”

Unfortunately, despite rave reviews and accolades, Filmfare Awards did not even nominated Hema Malini for her career’s most cherished role!

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