Bolly celebs to ISRO: Don’t give up

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Mumbai, Sep 7 (IANS) A galaxy of top stars including Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Kamal Haasan on Saturday hailed the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) effort to conquer the Moon.

Their reactions came after communication between India’s moon lander Vikram and the orbiter got snapped in a last-minute snag when the lander was just 2.1 km away from its designated landing spot on the Moon’s South Pole early on Saturday.

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Here’s what they have tweeted:

Amitabh Bachchan: Moon is 3,84,400 kms and we failed at 2.1 KM that’s 0.0005463% of margin. Even this failure is a foundation for new beginnings. Even this failure has a taste of success in it. Kudos to our Scientists and ISRO

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Shah Rukh Khan: Sometimes we don’t land or arrive at the destination we want to. The important thing is we took off and had the Hope and Belief we can. Our current situation is never and not our final destination. That always comes in time and belief! Proud of ISRO.

Kamal Haasan: This does not tantamount to failure. In Research and Development there will be a learning curve. This, is that precious learning moment. We will soon be on the Moon, Thanks to ISRO. The Nation believes and applauds ISRO.

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Ajay Devgn: The country stands together, proud and hopeful! Thank you ISRO.

Taapsee Pannu: Lump in the throat, tear in the eye not coz of anything else but witnessing how beautifully you got the entire nation together in hope and spirit… it’s ok to take a few steps back when u know you are about to make your longest jump. You are our hero ISRO.

Sonam Kapoor: Heartening.

Bhumi Pednekar: Science never has setbacks, it only has learnings. We progress from it and work towards the next achievement. What our scientists have done and achieved, is no small feat and there is only pride in our hearts for these heroes !

Farhan Akhtar: Success and failure will come and go but the determination to succeed will forever remain constant. Proud of you ISRO and deeply touched by this consolatory gesture from PM Narendra Modi.

Karan Johar: Salute and applaud the incredible endeavours of ISRO. So proud of everything they continue to do… So proud to be part of a nation that has the most genius minds.

Shekhar Kapur: Lessons of Life : Each step we take is part of our journey. As long as we keep stepping forward, our journey continues. Like a child we may stumble, fall, and get up. Learn and walk again. Chandrayan 2 is a huge success. Its one part of our journey. To explore frontiers of Space.

Sonu Sood: Every Indian is proud of you. ISRO, We salute you.

Swara Bhasker: Dear team ISRO, we love you to the moon and back and we are proud of you! May you continue to inspire with your efforts! #Chandrayaan2Landing #Chandrayaan2.

Aahana Kumra: Happens to the best of us! Don’t give up hope! ISRO we are proud of you for your relentless effort, Narendra Modiji, it’s wonderful to see your warmth towards their hardwork!



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