Bollywood biopics real or reel?


The phenomenal success that BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG has achieved has triggered a paradigm shift in the way the content is being planned in the world of Hindi cinema. Now everybody wants to make a film which should be based either a real life event or a personality that has made a name for itself in spite of all odds.

It indeed is a heartening development as far as growth of cinema in the country is concerned; however a caveat here is in order. The facts when they represent an era ought to be recreated the same way, and the shots should not be mixed in such a way that it points out to the fact that the film indeed has been shot in present times.

Hollywood takes quite a lot of pains to ensure authenticity and Hindi cinema is also taking its baby steps forward in this regard. Here is, then, an aggregation of few factual inconsistencies in the films of recent times which either have been biopic or based on real life event:


Milkha Singh sports a T-shirt on which services is written, however in the 1950s T-shirts had not evolved in army in such a manner that the name of the organization was displayed on them.

While Milkha Singh supposedly is released from jail in 1950 while the year written on the form was 2013.
Milkha Singh when he goes back to Pakistan again is shown riding the latest model of bullet of 2012

The famous race in Pakistan that supposedly happened in Qaddaffi stadium did not exist by that name, it was named as Lahore stadium and the name was changed to Qaddaffi stadium only in 1974.


Railway signals in the film are shown as electronic, while electronic signals came into vogue a decade ago.

In SPECIAL 26 cities are referred as Mumbai and Chennai though they were known as Madras and Bombay in the period which SPECIAL 26 relates to.

The train that Anupam Kher boards to reach Mumbai bears the number WDP-4B, these class of trains were introduced by the Indian Railway only in 2010.


After the earthquake the incident that was shown being covered on the television news channel came into vogue much later.

The cell phones being used in the film did not belong to the era which was represented in the film.

The opening shot of the film with the Honda Civic car bore the new series of license number denoting state name first, a fact which came into vogue much later than the time which the film represents.

The train that left the Godhra railway station had a five digit serial number, though five digit serial numbers of a train came into vogue just 3 years ago.

A fan of cinema might not be able to discern these observations, but the moot point is, if a period is being recreated its street furniture also have the authenticity of the era being created, cinematic liberty could be taken in terms of content, but the street furniture and other related paraphernalia has to belong to the era.



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