Bollywood Gyaan: First Bollywood Film to face censor hurdle


Censor board has always been a hurdle for filmmakers down the years. But are you aware about Bollywood’s first film to face censor trouble?


Well, it was producer/director and actor V.Shantaram’s silent film UDAYKAL released in 1930. The movie landed in trouble as it was based on the life of Shivaji Maharaj and depicted how Shivaji Maharaj revolted against the foreign Mughul Empire. The British censor board saw the underlining message that the movie convened to revolt against the British Empire. With Mahatma Gandhi’s uprising becoming popular the British decided to ban the movie.

V.Shantaram had to face several difficulties in passing his film through censors compromising with the censor’s umpteen cuts. It’s reported the movie had to even change its original title which was SWARAJYA TORAN i.e. THE FLAG OF FREEDOM. The British objected to the word ‘Freedom’ and hence V.Shantaram altered the title as UDAYKAL.

The Saturday Challenge
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1) My debut film fetched me National award yet I had to struggle.

2) My role opposite Padmani Kolhapure fetched me rave revives and established my career.

3) I have won one Filmfare award as a Best Supporting actor and other as Best Villain.

4) My one liner ‘Koi Shaque’ is famous to identify me.

5) Nowadays I am busy as a judge in reality dance shows on TV.

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