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I am a big fan of Ekta Kapoor, says Mallika Sherawat

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Actress Mallika Sherawat will soon be seen in a digital show titled "Booo.. Sabki Phategi", a horror-comedy. She says in her initial days in the film industry, filmmakers were interested in exploring her "bold" image rather than acting skills and never found her a good fit as a "Bollywood heroine".

The actress, who got famous for her bold scenes in the 2004 film MURDER, has been living with the tag of a "bold" heroine.

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The image of women in the entertainment industry is changing. Sharing her opinion on it, Mallika Sherawat told the publication here: "It is such a progressive step towards a positive direction…now I feel that the film industry is much inclusive for women rather than the earlier days when I started out. These days filmmakers are thinking of writing multi-dimensional roles for women in cinema."

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"When I came into the film industry, filmmakers did not know what to do with me, what kind of role I should be offered because I am a strong, opinionated actress with no inhibitions of 'kissing on screen'. I am always comfortable in my skin," she added.

Mallika Sherawat has appeared in Bollywood and international films like THE MYTH, WELCOME, MAAN GAYE MUGHAL-E-AZAM, UGLY AUR PAGLI and HISSS.

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"In my early days, girls were only shown, especially in love-stories, like a good girl, girlfriend of the hero or just being there for glamour."

"Everything is evolving, so should the narrative. It is great to see, in a film like BADHAAI HO, a veteran actress like Neenaji gets her due as a performer," she said.

However, Mallika Sherawat thinks that there is a constant pressure on women all over the world to look good and maintain a body image.

"Even I feel the pressure to but thankfully because of my lifestyle, it is not very hard for me to get affected by the negativity around body image. I am a vegan, so the food I eat is very healthy."

"I live a very organic life and practice yoga. That is one exercise form that works for my body, good blood circulation, breathing everything. Since I am very consistent with my practice, it is only easy for me to look good," she said with a smile."

According to the actress, more than the genre of the ALTBalaji show — "Booo.. Sabki Phategi", she came on board because of its producer Ekta Kapoor.

"I always wanted to work with her. I am a fan of Ekta Kapoor, and the cast of the show is so amazing that I had to be a part of this…I was so excited," she shared.

Mallika Sherawat often attends the Cannes Film Festival for her work as a women's rights activist.

"I would like to believe that I am a women's (rights) activist because when I see the smile on the face of those girls who are saved from child prostitution or get education and degree, get a dignified lifestyle – at least that's what the NGO I represent, is attempting to do, I feel satisfied.

"It shows what a young girl can do, if given the right opportunity," said Mallika.

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