Budding singer Sejal Kumar gives a 'whole new meaning to emptiness' in latest song

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Mumbai, Nov 27 (IANS) Digital content creator Sejal Kumar has unveiled a new song, Khali khali, which aims at redefining the expression of emptiness.

Written, composed and sung by Sejal, the song talks about being “Khali khali” (empty), with that one special person with whom even doing absolutely nothing does not feel empty.

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Sejal actually wrote the track when she was casually rehearsing another song on the ukulele, which brought back memories of the time she spent in her apartment in the city.

“Giving a whole new meaning to emptiness, the song expresses my feelings on how there is no need to say anything or do anything, just sitting ‘Khali khali’ with that one person is enough!” she said.

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“This lockdown has been tough on all of us and a few who specially have been away from their homes. I wanted to capture the essence, that being ‘Khali khali’ is sometimes all that you need. While writing down the song I deeply felt every word,” she added.

“Khali khali” follows the release of Sejal’s first original track “Aisi hun”.

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