A reviewer’s version of imagined KALANK


KALANK has unfortunately turned into an ‘epic’ disappointment, the author feels that if the story of KALANK – the mega budget multi star period drama helmed by the 2 STATES fame Abhishek Varman that boasted names like Madhuri Dixit, Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Aditya Roy Kapur, Sanjay Dutt & Kunal Kemmu would have been the way re imagined, retold over here by taking liberties after watching the original in theatres, things could have been different.

Here goes the re-imagined KALANK

Opening scene
A dying Satya (Sonakshi Sinha) makes her last wish and asks her younger sister Roop (Alia Bhatt) to marry her husband Dev (Aditya Roy Kapur), (keep reading for more) the period is the same 1945 and it’s Lahore in Pakistan.


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Roop gets married to Dev
It’s a grand event in Lahore, The Chaudhry’s are a respected aristocratic family, and the mega marriage reception sees the biggest names from Indian film industry during the mid 40’s making an appearance. So we see actors who resemble few of these legends during the mid 1940’s in Indian film industry – K L Saigal, Noor Jehan, Sitara Devi, Prithviraj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, Kidar Sharma, Durga Khote, Yakub, Bimal Roy, Mehboob Khan, Ashok Kumar, Karan Dewan, Motilal, etc, making a gala in this reception with the iconic K L Saigal’s original ‘Ek Bangla Bane Nyara’, ‘Do Naina Matware’ getting played at the back drop and setting the right atmosphere. Just imagine the nostalgia!! – What is the point in having a period saga when it fails to create any nostalgia? It’s 1945, so the still popular patriotic number from Ashok Kumar’s 1943 KISMET (Bollywood’s first blockbuster) ‘Door Hato Ai Duniya Walo, Hindustan hamara hai’, is bound to make its presence felt somewhere during the reception and later. There is no problem with budget over here, Fox Star, Nadiadwala, Dharma.

The Chaudhry’s
A respectable aristocratic family in Lahore well versed with arts and literature. Balraj Chaudhry (Sanjay Dutt) a business tycoon and has a hobby of playing sitar. Kalavanti (Madhuri Dixit) his wife – yes!! (Keep reading folks,) is a renowned Kathak guru (else what). Dev Chaudhry (Aditya Roy Kapur) a progressive writer, novelist and a wannabe filmmaker. Roop (Alia Bhatt) is an aspiring singer actress; she has a passion for Kathak and admires Kalavanti. She is glad that the marriage has brought her near to her idol. Rehmat Chacha (played by a renowned senior actor – Mithun Chakraborty for example) the most trusted aide of Balraj Chaudhry who has raised Balraj after the death of his father Dharam Raj Chaudhry.


What happens after the grand reception of Roop and Dev
Dev Chaudhry marries Roop but it’s very tough for him to accept Roop – his late wife’s younger sister as his life partner. They have shared a typical jeeja – saali chemistry before but now things have changed. On the other hand, Roop is a dedicated Indian bride. She is ready to wait till the time Dev accepts her as his wife. Both Roop and Dev are friends as usual.

The entry of Varan Dhawan – Iqbal
Iqbal works for the Chaudhry’s, an orphan raised by Rehmat Chacha who calls him his gift from God. Iqbal is secret admirer of Roop who has done a couple of movies in India. Iqbal is an honest aide of Chaudhry’s, the apple of Rehmat Chacha’s eye and a hidden poet who supports the idea of revolution for India’s freedom. Iqbal admires Gandhi but not completely supportive of the leaders non-violence ways.

Iqbal and Roop meet
Iqbal is Rehmat Chacha’s adopted son; Rehmat Chacha is Balraj Chaudhry’s most trusted so Iqbal is an extended family member in the Chaudhry household. Iqbal and Roop bond over their common idea for India’s freedom, love for Bollywood and music (since Iqbal is a poet).


Iqbal starts loving Roop
Roop and Iqbal meet regularly and the admiration of Iqbal towards Roop turns into love. Iqbal starts writing poetry admiring Roop’s beauty.

The equation between Roop and Kalavanti
Meanwhile as Dev slowly understands the pious love of Roop towards him, Roop develops an ideal guru shishya relationship with her sasu maa – Kalavanti who not only nuances her kathak skills but gives some tips on how to impress Dev as well.

Iqbal confesses his love for Roop
Roop and Iqbal are good friends but the innocent Roop is unaware that Iqbal has fallen in love with her. Roop treats Iqbal as her best friend. One day Iqbal makes the confession and expresses his true feelings. Roop is shocked and she slaps Iqbal.


Iqbal narrates the whole incident to Rehmat Chacha
Rehmat Chacha is shocked, he throws Iqbal out of his house and while doing so tells him the dark secret – Iqbal is the najaayaj son of Kalavanti (read further for details). Hearing this Iqbal vows to destroy the Chaudhry’s and hatches a plan with the ruling British against India. Rehmat Chacha on hearing Iqbal’s evil plans gets the shock of his life and dies.    

Roop and Dev come closer
As Iqbal turns evil, he is secretly planning something disastrous, have apologized to Roop to show his loyalty towards Chaudhry but actually he has turned a rebel. Amidst Iqbal’s hatred, Roop and Dev are coming closer.

Pre climax
A major secret meeting of top Indian leaders and freedom fighters is going to be held in Lahore, the meeting is in disguise of a grand cultural event organized by Chaudhry. Iqbal being a revolutionary is aware of the meeting and hatches a plan with the British forces to arrest top Indian leaders red handed during the secret meeting, which will be followed by a rally.

Everything is going as per Iqbal’s plans. Suddenly during the event, a mysterious character joins the stage making Kalavanti a bit uncomfortable. Later, the mysterious character is seen talking to Kalavanti back stage and while leaving, he gives a strange look towards Iqbal. Iqbal who is filled with rage and controlled his anger rushes towards Kalavanti and asks, “who was he and who am I, who is my father, why I am not chaudhry but Iqbal – a name without a surname, a KALANK which you disowned so easily and started leaving a life with all comforts”.

The grand revelation
Kalavanti replies, KALANK is not by birth, it’s by deeds”. She narrates her story before marriage. During a performance in India, Kalavanti was smitten by a prince from a royal family – Kuwar Pratap. Iqbal is the love child of Kalavanti and Kuwar Pratap. Kalavanti’s profession as a dancer came in as a hurdle and she was rejected. Fear of people and her reputation as an artiste with repute and big future waiting ahead, Rehmat Chacha advises Kalavanti to give her child to him as he has no one of his own in this whole world. The child will give him a purpose to live. Kalavanti agrees with a heavy heart. Later, it was found that the royal family of Kuwar Pratap was in fact informers of the wicked British who worked against India’s freedom movement.

History threatens to repeat itself; Iqbal decides to wipe the KALANK forever
It’s a déjà vu situation for Iqbal, his father who actually abandoned him worked against India’s freedom; he was the KALANK, the traitor that day. Today, he is doing the same, turning against his people, his nation, the one he once loved the most. He backstabs the British, informs Chaudhry’s about what he was planning to do. The Chaudhry’s and the freedom fighters say they will go on with the meeting and conduct the rally come what may. The stage is set, the meeting takes place, the rally is taken out and Iqbal saves the Indian freedom fighters from British by laying his life for them and thus wipes out the KALANK of his deeds and sin.