Chandan Roy Sanyal resumes shooting in Varanasi amid new normal

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Chandan Roy Sanyal resumes shooting in Varanasi amid new normalChandan Roy Sanyal resumes shooting in Varanasi amid new normal

Mumbai, July 18 (IANS) Actor Chandan Roy Sanyal has resumed shooting for Raj Ashoo’s “Woh Teen Din” with Sanjay Mishra in Benaras, and says everyone on the set is following protocols amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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“There are restrictions on the number of people that can be present on the set. Our unit is of around 30 people. Everyone on the set is following protocol,” Chandan said.

“We carry disinfectants and sprays all the time. Social distancing is also maintained on the sets. Luckily, in this film I have scenes with Sanjay Mishra only and they do not involve any kind of physical interaction, so it is working out for us. It is amazing to watch people maintain the distance,” he added.

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The slice-of-life film revolves around the hilarious interaction between a passenger and a rickshaw puller played by Sanyal and Mishra, respectively.

To ensure no delay, Chandan flew over to Varanasi two days before the start of the shoot. The actor will be shooting his portion for the next 10 days. The shoot is set up in Chunar, a small town in the district of Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh.

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Talking about shooting outdoors for the film, Chandan said: “I’m shooting outdoors after four months approximately. I feel like a beginner and I’m happy and relieved that the makers of the film are handling the safety of the cast and crew so wonderfully. It is amazing to be working with Sanjay Mishra for a film that has such a unique story.”



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