What makes Iwouldntexistwithout trend on twitter

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Twitter has laid a platform to understand the current trendings around the world. Some might be good or some bad.

Now, in the recent addition, we have a new moment. The #Iwouldntexistwithout trend. To talk about this, we can take several examples. Be it food, water, air, education, clothing and all the basic necessities that you can think of, we cannot deny the fact that without them we cannot survive.

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However, what we find is that Games of Thrones which was a huge buzz in the last few days can be considered for#Iwouldntexistwithout. With its final season, it seems that people couldn’t live without it and were craving for its continuity.

The next in trending is Avengers: Endgame, where we saw action-packed performances along with a lot of emotions in it. 

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Can we say that #Iwouldntexistwithout can be relatable to both the programs above?

Think about it?

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