Chennai Express, BMB and process of deconstruction by film stars

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There are two kinds of waves that are happening in the world of Hindi cinema, both the waves are happening with the whole soul of objective of repositioning self for a longer innings at the box office. The first stream of deconstruction is being led by Shahrukh Khan who has totally gone tangent from his urban and suave image to play the role of a Madrasi in CHENNAI EXPRESS, perhaps with the objective of appealing to the masses through the kitsch formula. Shahrukh Khan now wants perhaps to enact the roles belonging to the Rohit Shetty school of thought, perhaps guided by the fact that the kind of cinema that Rohit Shetty makes is for mass consumption, and this could also be the reason why SRK has again joined hands with Farah Khan as well for his next release.


Other stream of deconstruction is being led by the likes of Farhan Akhtar whose BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG is going to release this weekend and it should usher in an era of biopic with a commercial proposition- biopic as a genre have emerged but what is required is a commercial success to encourage more filmmakers to warm up to it. The kind of built up that BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG has generated indeed is going to make it a commercial success, the proposition also manifest from the fact that timing with the release of BMB, a book on the life of Milkha Singh has been released and it is selling like hot cakes.

For an actor, it always is a yearn to expand the ambit of the characters that he can portray on the silver screen, and this could have been the guiding principles whereby a SRK has warmed up to a Rohit Shetty, while a Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra after having worked with an Aamir Khan has decided to rope in a Farhan Akhtar, though he has worked with Aamir Khan in RANG DE BASANTI – and Aamir was amongst the first actors in recent times to associate in a biopic- MANGAL PANDEY.

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The sense of experimentation to expand the outreach of cinema is more so imbued with Farhan Akhtar as he has produced a film like FUKREY which has become a hit owing to the nature of its content, characterized by focusing on the trials and tribulations of the common youth of the street.

For the senior actors like Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir it indeed is a moment of reckoning, as instead of working with the actresses half their age, they ought to be bold enough to work with new directors who are giving a new idiom and sense of direction to Hindi cinema.

The fans are giving the clear signal that for them it is the change and innovativeness of the content that now matters, and those who imbibe this change are going to have longer innings, and those who want to stick to the image that they have built for themselves would find it a tad difficult to survive. There is no other better person that Ranbir Kapoor to understand this trend, as a matter of fact he is the leader of the pack repositioning himself with each of his films, and his BOMBAY VELVET would underline this change that the industry is undergoing. For the aficionados of cinema it indeed is interesting times.

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