CHENNAI EXPRESS: Shahrukh Khan opts for Rohit Shetty to connect with masses?

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Every star and every actor has this aspiration that the films he acts in should reach as wide an audience as could be possible, he may have the latent desire to be associated with the classes, but in the heart of hearts he or she always aspires to be a darling of the common person out there watching the dreams being unspooled on a screen in the mofussil part of the country. Shah Rukh Khan is no exception but the films that he acted in so far were primarily of the types that were either addressed to the overseas audience or to the middle and upper middle class.

He tried to get associated with the masses within the limited maneuverable space that he got in his home production in RA.ONE, but with CHENNAI EXPRESS Shahrukh Khan could aspire to make inroads into the territory which has now become a forte of the likes of Salman Khan with his phenomenal success of DABANGG series and also Ajay Devgn with his SINGHAM, BOL BACHCHAN etc.

view CHENNAI EXPRESS posters
view CHENNAI EXPRESS posters

To be able to carve a niche with the masses one needs to have a director who has the pulse of the masses, for Big B it was Man Mohan Desai who had done the trick and had catapulted to the dizzying heights of success in his career. For the present generation of actors Rohit Shetty has emerged as the director of this kind, with his GOLMAAL series, his BOL BACHCHAN and his SINGHAM. He could stake the claim for giving a new definition to Ajay Devgn’s career with his series of films that he directed for him.

This could possibly be the reason Shah Rukh Khan may have opted for Rohit Shetty to turn his fortune around and make him a darling of the masses as well. Shah Rukh Khan has done it once in his career in RAM JAANE but subsequently he either gave up the genre or no other director offered him this kind of role. May be CHENNAI EXPRESS could do the trick for him.

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To ensure that indeed CHENNAI EXPRESS becomes a hit with the common man, Shah Rukh Khan has brought in her lucky mascot Deepika Padukone who gave her a phenomenally successful film in his acting career in the form of OM SHANTI OM, which again was a film which appealed to the masses.

As a process to identify with the masses the attires that Shah Rukh Khan would be sporting in CHENNAI EXPRESS are those that are associated with the common man, the humble lungi being the most visible symbol of association with the laity. Besides, his associates do not display toned bodies, but are all potbellied, the way most of the common people are, as an organic identity with the masses. With all the ingredients in place, one hopes that in 2013 with CHENNAI EXPRESS Shah Rukh Khan would be able to carve a niche for himself among the masses as well.

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