CHENNAI EXPRESS: SRK-Deepika sport Lungi with aplomb

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Mehmood indeed would be mightily pleased to see the first promos of CHENNAI EXPRESS that have been released as it is the humble lungi, his favorite sartorial dress which he used to wear in one form or the other in the scores of films that he did when he became successful, has made a comeback with a vengeance. Shahrukh Khan had worn it in RA.ONE, but a Deepika Padukone sporting a lungi and fixing it up with a kamarband could indeed be one of the prominent fashion trends for 2013.

Obviously sarongs are already there as a fashion statement, but a sarong is not an Indian attire, and who better than a Deepika Padukone to promote the humble lungi. In the world of Hindi cinema the female actors have been rather fascinated by the charm of lungi as a fashion attire, and be it a Dimple Kapadia, a Maushmi Chatterjee or even a Rakhee have sported it an one point or the other, but these actresses of yore have sported it as a part of the promotional campaign and not as an integral element in the frame of a cinema. What is also different in case of CHENNAI EXPRESS is that Deepika Padukone sports a humble check lungi and not a designer lungi, which would provide an instant connect with the audience all over the countryside.

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One of the most visible brand promoters of a lungi has been Big B, who had done it with a flourish in DESH PREMEE, and carried it on in MAHAAN as well. However later on lungi was no more the preferred sartorial attire. But it was Shah Rukh Khan who did not have any gumption about sporting it with aplomb in RA.ONE and now with CHENNAI EXPRESS who knows he could become the brand ambassador of a lungi and could indirectly help revive this industry!

Lungi manufacturers belong to the poorest strata of the society and have been struggling for quite a long time to sell their product to the youth of the present times, as for the youth now the basket of relaxing clothes majorly is comprised of shorts and T-shirts, and lungi is rarely to be seen anywhere. As a matter of fact such has been the preference for the shots, that even in the villages it has become the preferred garment of the youth.

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It indeed would be interesting if at the premier of CHENNAI EXPRESS, or during the promotional campaigns lead actors, and the director of the film sport lungi to promote it.

After all, it has been the most visible dress for relaxing and needs to make a comeback again as the relaxing dress, as it is economical and relaxing, and certainly some manufacturer out there need to push its brand along with the film. Tough ask?

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