Children's Day: Back to school with TV stars

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Mumbai, Nov 14 (IANS) Telly actors walked down memory lane and recalled their fond memories from school on the occasion of Children’s Day on Saturday.

Actor Abhishek Nigam, who hails from Prayagraj, shared that he generally used to go to Anand Bhavan, the historic house museum in the city that focusses on the Nehru Family, in the evening of November 14 every year, since the date marks the birthday of India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

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“Since Children’s Day is celebrated as a tribute to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, we usually went there. We also had celebrations in the school. I still remember, on Children’s Day, we used to get sweets. We were always given a packet of two laddoos after our morning prayer and then our class teacher would give us a samosa treat,” he said.

The best part for him was when the teachers would allow them to have fun in the classroom.

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“That one day, we all wanted to stay at school for as long as we could. I miss those days and wish I could go back. If I were given an opportunity to be a child again, I would want to open my lunchbox during classes and have it with my friends quietly. To add to it, I would want to stay carefree and play as much as I can with my friends from school,” said the actor.

Actress Bhavika Sharma also remembers the day as the time they had less of studies and more of fun.

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“I remember we used to have a half day of celebration at school, with dancing and eating. So, I used to dance a lot because I love dancing. I wish to become a child again, because that life is without stress, no need to think too much about anything. Childhood is a period when you just need to have fun, play and a little bit of studies. I was a little studious in my childhood but if I get a chance to become a child again, I will definitely use it to be a very notorious one this time. I might also use that opportunity to try all those things, sports, and subjects that I feared as a child,” said the actress.

Actress Gulki Joshi recalls the sweets and good food when she thinks of Children’s Day.

“I think Children’s Day instantly takes me back to the school days when we would get sweets, good food and teachers would be really nice with us that one day. Those were some fun days and I think I still have a child in me and I will never let it grow. Earlier, I also used to go to NGOs for underprivileged kids on Children’s Day and spend time with them but due to tight shoot schedules, I don’t get the time to do that now,” said Gulki.

Looking back at her school days, actress Ashi Singh said on Children’s Day, her teachers used to perform a play and students got chocolates and sweets.

“It used to be so much fun to be pampered by all the teachers that day. I would love to go back to those days and be a child again. If I get a chance to be a child again even for a day, I will utilise the opportunity to live the day to the fullest, without caring or worrying about anything else in this world,” said Ashi.

“It is important to keep the child in us alive because that takes you through some of the tough days. I think this Children’s Day everyone should promise to bring the child within them out and enjoy that feeling to the fullest,” she added.



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