Chitrangda: John Abraham is friendly and a gentleman

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A few weeks back she was seen opposite Arjun Rampal in INKAAR. Now she has moved on to another great looking actor in the form of John Abraham with I, ME AUR MAIN. This isn’t all as in she has also shared screen space twice with Akshay Kumar (DESI BOYZ, JOKER) prior to this. Guess the going seems to be fantastic for Chitrangda Singh as far as working with some handsome men is concerned.

view I, ME AUR MAIN stills
view I, ME AUR MAIN stills

‘Yes, it has been good and I have been fortunate in that sense. Of course it has been some interesting work that I have done with them. During INKAAR I saw that Arjun was extremely serious and passionate about his work. I think he came up with his best performance in the film. As for Akshay, he is a wonderful human being. John is so friendly and a gentleman on the sets. He is quite giving as an actor and doesn’t mind taking a step back and gather your advice or suggestions, as is the need,” says Chitrangda.

Further elaborating on her interaction with John during I, ME AUR MAIN, Chitrangda said, ‘He was very involved in the making of I, ME AUR MAIN and was constantly on his toes. It wasn’t just his scenes where he was all concentration; I could see that he was conscious about all departments, including the film’s music. I was glad to see someone working so hard on every aspect of the filmmaking.’

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Meanwhile she too is happy to be stepping into the world of a commercial outing like I, ME AUR MAIN. For someone who started off with HAZAARON KHWAISHEIN AISI and went on to don a different hat in YEH SAALI ZINDAGI, I, ME AUR MAIN is yet another stepping stone for Chitrangda.

‘See, some people liked me in HAZAARON…’ and some liked me in DESI BOYZ. Some really like ‘Kaafirana’ [JOKER] while some felt that after a HAZAARON…, I shouldn’t have done that song. Of course audience have right to feel the way they do but then I have always liked my work,” she says, ”I am proud of ‘Kaafirana’ as I took a chance to do something that I had never done before. It was a lot of fun for me. I want to experiment constantly. Who knows, tomorrow I may be do an action film.’

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