Cliches Bollywood celebs cannot do without!


'Ye jo public hai sab jaanati hai, andar kya hai baahar kya hai ye sab kuch pahchaanati hai’? This Bollywood song well describes the status of our adorable celebrities when they make highly clichéd statements.

However, the mango people are smart enough to figure out what the true picture is, in case the celebs didn’t know. From Amitabh Bachchan to Khans to gen-next including Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor; they all have at least once given ghisa-peta bytes. There may be an enormous list but we are listing a few of the clichés that you will usually come across!

”We are just good friends”
If you want to indirectly hint at being in a relation with someone, the best way to put it across is by saying ”We are just good friends”. (Sourced from many Bollywood celebs. We are falling short on space and do not believe in being partial towards a few so we are not naming anybody. )


“I am reading scripts”
Whenever you hear a celebrity say this, for once, this thought definitely comes in your head, “does he/she even have any script to read?”

“If the script demands”
Why wait till “If the script demands”? When you are set in your head that you will wear a bikini, do explicit bold scenes or kiss on-screen why give such statements? And we know, secretly you want to do all of that!

 “This is a unique film”
Yeah, right. It’s as unique as your clichéd dialogue.


“The best co-star to work with”
Today the film you are working on has “The best co-star to work with”. The next film lined up will also have the best co-cast & the film to follow too will have the best-est co-star, right? Tried asking your co-star if you are the best or not?

“Most challenging role”
With every upcoming film, the role gets more challenging. “Most challenging role'' should be added a clause in the actors contract.

“Box office figures don’t matter”
Of course! That’s the reason why celebrities become jubilant and celebrate the success of their films as they cross the 100 crore mark.


“Is the best director producer to work with”
Butter butter and more butter- “Is the best director producer to work with”. You ought to do it otherwise you’ll run out of movies. By the way, thought of an alternate career incase praising the director/producer slips off your mind?

“I am single”
 Yes, we very well know that and wouldn’t even beg to differ. Cozying up on dinner dates, long foreign vacations, visiting on the movie sets toh “close friends” hi karte hai na yaar.

“Nothing is finalized yet”
Just accept it and finish it off. You aren’t going to be killed for saying the truth.

“I am not competing with anybody”
We know that totally! But do you actually mean it? We guess deep down in the heart and mind, everyone is your biggest competitor. We just feel, not sure though.

“Critics don’t matter”
Very soon the critics are going to run out of business. Because “Audience is the biggest critic”!