COMMANDO calling COMMANDO: Vidyut Jamwal impresses real Commandos!

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Vipul Shah‘s upcoming movie COMMANDO, starring Vidyut Jamwal and Pooja Chopra as the lead has turned out to be a thing to watch for the audience. The stunts and the action in the movie has become the eye-catcher for all.

COMMANDO calling COMMANDO: Vidyut Jamwal impresses real Commandos!

But who would have expected that the movie will catch the eye of a real Commando. The movie plot shows the life of a commando and his love.

The trailer has shown a passionate commando and his love for a girl. That passion has been applauded by a real life commando. The Indian Commando has reached out to Vidyut and has praised him for the dare-devil stunts he has performed in the movie. He even wanted to meet Vidyut, for sharing his firsthand experience with him. He talked to Vidyut over the phone for a long time, telling him that men need such kind of talent and strength.

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Vidyut was really happy that his performance has inspired a real commando to personally call him up and praise him. He was keen to know what the Commando’s companions thought of him and also his dance moves and he was showered with more acknowledgements that the entire commando battalion has become his fan; they loved the fighter in the movie and also liked his dance moves.

The battalion is also happy that in the movie they are not portrayed as cold-blooded killing machines but as people who have a heart to love.

Vidyut said, ”My father was in the armed forces, and I felt that it was my responsibility to showcase a commando’s life the right way. To get a pat on the back from a true blue commando of the Indian forces was extremely encouraging and reassuring. I am so happy and humbled to represent the brave soldiers who protect our borders and fight for us.”

According to the commandos the movie is a great learning experience for the audience of a life of a commando and also that they have a beautiful life to live.

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