DABANGG 2: Arbaaz, Salman’s salute to Yash Chopra

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Yash Chopra would be blessing Arbaaz Khan and Salman Khan from the heavens after watching DABANGG 2 for being influenced by his style of film making and being inspired by his presentations and taking them forward to new heights. Yash Chopra by giving the style of entry that Big B made in the godown in DEEWAR had made it one of the most profound stylizations of creating an impacted entry into a scene and drawing cat whistles. Well, in DABANGG 2 the entry that Salman Khan makes into the godown indeed draws inspiration from DEEWAR but Salman Khan being Salman Khan, and famous for a streak of cheekiness in recent times, makes the entry but it is a back door entry and it indeed sucks in the audience into the innovative approach to the scene and it starts eating out of Salman Khan’s hands.

DABANGG 2: Arbaaz, Salman's salute to Yash Chopra

It was Yash Chopra who in changing with the times had created a new template of relationships between the father and the son, taking it to a friendly platform in DILWAALE DULHANIYA LE JAYENGE, from a confronting platform in TRISHUL. Indeed, DDLJ sets the platform for exploring the relationship between a father and the son through the catalyst of humour. Arbaaz Khan and Salman Khan seem to have taken a leaf out and have carved a distinct niche of a relationship between a father and son, and Vinod Khanna as the affable father who still yearns for a female companion and Salman Khan teasing him indeed is one of the highlights of DABANGG 2.

It indeed is for the first time where the son is not in awe of a father but he strives to reach out to his father and uses the channel vehicle of humor to build up the relationship and from the societal point of view it indeed is a valuable take away from DABANGG 2. The bonhomie of the relationship which DABANGG 2 has tried to build upon is manifest in the scene where Salman Khan brings up a life insurance policy for himself and shows it to father Vinod Khanna, and proud of his son’s approach to life, Vinod Khanna exults that he himself could take on the villains and now he is not frightened of the villain.

Relationships between a father and a son which had adopted a run-of-mill approach in DABANGG indeed has been taken to a refreshing height in DABANGG 2 and there still is quite a lot left to be explored in this relationship and one only hopes that the films that would be released in 2013 would factor in this component.

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