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Dave Bautista talks about his special bond with Chloe Coleman

Actor-wrestler Dave Bautista has formed a special bond with child actress Chloe Coleman. He says she is a bright light and he is in awe of her. Bautista worked with Coleman in the action-comedy "My Spy".

"Chloe is special in so many ways, she is a bright light, and I'm in awe of her. She really loves acting and it comes across in so many ways. You can't learn what she does; it's instinctual," Bautista said.

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"My Spy" is about a hardened CIA operative and his unlikely 9-year-old sidekick. It is directed by Peter Segal, and also stars Ken Jeong, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Nikki Hahn, and Devere Rogers.

In the film, Bautista is a hardened CIA operative, who is demoted following a botched operation. He is given a last chance to keep his job with a mission to go undercover and surveil a family. But their daughter (Coleman) blows his cover by discovering the hidden cameras. She then asks him to teach her how to be a spy.

The film is being brought to India by PVR Pictures. It will release on March 13.

Talking about her bond with Bautista, Coleman said: "When I was introduced to Dave, I was thinking, Oh my god, he's a giant! But I quickly pulled it together. We started chatting and got to know each other pretty fast and became good friends. Dave is like a big teddy bear who can play a really nice guy as easily as he can a tough guy."


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