DAVID: Bejoy made me fearless as an actor, says Vinay Virmani

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While Vinay Virmani is playing a musician in his upcoming film DAVID (which he chooses to call his true blue Bollywood debut), it isn’t just all play and no action for him. As a matter of fact, he is also indulging in some punches and kicks, courtesy the action sequences that have been designed for him in the film.

view DAVID stills
view DAVID stills

”I am not hanging from skyscrapers or jumping around though’, chuckles Vinay, ‘Bejoy is someone who wants to keep it all real in the film. This means there is no cable work or VFX coming in handy here. The action that you see is hand to hand which is pretty much performance and story driven.”

One wonders though what was the driving factor for him when it came to stepping into an altogether different environment of Bollywood after starting off with an international outing like BREAKAWAY. Being a Canadian, isn’t the Hindi film industry turning out to be an altogether world for him?

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”Well that’s true but then working with Bejoy has made me fearless as an actor. I have uncovered quite a few zones and crossed many boundaries with the film. As I said, Bejoy believes in everything in his film to be real. Same holds good for locations as well and there are hardly any sets around. He wants authenticity in his frames and that’s the reason why you would see the kind of locations in the film which people would normally run away from”, details Vinay, ”With action added on to the milieu, it brings in all the more fun.”

We look forward to that Vinay.

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