‘David’ creates confusion on film’s set!

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There are often fun filled experiences during a film’s shoot which are always remembered. On the sets of DAVID, once such incident happened.

view DAVID poster
view DAVID poster

Bejoy Nambia’s directorial film DAVID, coincidentally most of the people working in the unit were of the name David including people working backstage.
So whenever there came a time where David was called for some work, it would be the most hilarious time. It would create a lot of confusion among all the David’s present there. Also considering the gist of the film, which talks about 3 generation of people named David, all the 3 David would confuse themselves being called.

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If ever a David was called out for the shot, some other David would end up running to the director.

Being confused was the prime problem faced by everyone on sets. However, it eventually became an absolute joke and every time this happened, they kept laughing over it! It became a crazy atmosphere!

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