DAVID emerges Manna from heaven for Sarika

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When was the last time that Sarika looked so elegant, beautiful, bewitching, mesmerizing and enticing as she appeared in the mujra song from DAVID O lal meri. To add to the enigma around the persona and to make the song be etched in the memory of the fans for long times to come, Bejoy Nambiar has shot the song in black and white. Icing on the cake is the haunting voice of Rekha Bhardwaj who with each of such songs is underlining the fact that hers is the voice that is maturing and indeed is a gift to the music industry that needs to be utilized to the hilt.

download DAVID wallpaper
download DAVID wallpaper

After all, the genre that she is practicing, the Khayal gayaki, as a category does not have practitioners in such large numbers, though one could argue that there are singers of the kind who are singing the folk songs, being used as item numbers in abundance. But the difference lies in the fact that gayaki can make the impact only when the skill has been honed relentlessly for years on end, and this is what Rekha Bhardwaj has done, and therefore her version of the all-time classic Sufi Song- O Lal Meri has emerged as one more interpretation for the fans to savor it for long time. Indeed, for Sarika, being featured in the song could be one of the biggest achievements of her acting career, as Sarika has not been that fortunate in her acting career to get a song that would be sort of her signature song.

The charm of a mujra song lies in the fact that the nuance of ”bajaroopan” should emerge from the rendition as also the screen performance. When DHARAM KANTA was being made, Naushad, the legendary music director was asked to compose the music and he had chosen Asha Bhosle for the song- ye gotedaar lehnga. On being quizzed why he chose Asha Bhosle, as Naushad had worked mostly with Lata Mangehskar, Naushad had quipped – the tinges of bazaroopan in the rendition that Asha Bhosle has, nobody else could match it. Rekha Bhardwaj with her rendition of the song in DAVID has underlined the fact that she has the potential to emerge as the worthy successor to Asha Bhosle in rendering such songs. Rekha Bhardwaj already has one such hit in the current year with her song- ‘Oye Boy Charlie’ of MATRU KI BIJLEE KA MANDOLA, which still dominates all the music charts.


For Sarika it is Manna from heaven, as she has given an exquisite performance, and like Rekha henceforth when this song would play, the fans would be able to relate it to performance that she has done in DAVID in the same way as Rekha is remembered whenever- In Aankhon kee masti ke from UMRAO JAAN is played.

May be, the music of DAVID could be an ominous beginning for 2013 and one could hope to have more such performances. For the music director Mickey Mccleary it indeed is a moment of reckoning and one hopes that he would continue to enchant the fans with more such offerings. For DAVID there is another record of sorts that it could be the first film where Bejoy Nambiar has used 8 music directors.

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