Dharam brings alive Kaka’s Havell’s memories!

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Dharam brings alive Kaka's Havell's memories!

Watching Dharmendra in SECOND HAND HUSBAND left me shaken and shocked. I was not able to review the movie, simply because there was nothing in the movie to write that was in anyway imaginative or worthy of this being called a motion picture. What stunned me into disbelief was the fact that Dharmendra was being ridiculed on screen.

Do we blame the director or the actor for picking up a role like this? When I mentioned this to an actor from the industry and my plight on the review, he responded, “What can be so worse than to have a film so wretched that it’s not even worth a review.”

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Those few lines summed up the movie for me. Die-hard Dharam fans will vouch for the fact that he was better than even Rajesh Khanna and Dev Anand during his prime years. Why this now? I’m sure he can stay away from scripts (??) that do no justice to his talent.

Watching him on screen reminded me of the late Rajesh Khanna in the television commercial for Havells fan a few years ago. That ad too shocked me! It was a bigger jhatka than watching Dharam in SHH.


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Can we not remember our superstars the way they were?

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Columnist Shobha De said it right when she wrote: “The Havells fans commercial made me weep; as much for Rajesh Khanna as for myself.” The ad was “insensitive and showed the actor in very poor light,” opined many others.


Narmada, Tina, and the 40 films she rejected for SHH

While on SECOND HAND HUSBAND, I have to mention Narmada Ahuja, who now has changed her name to Tina! Tina is Govinda’s daughter and she made her debut with SHH. What a letdown for the girl who refused over 40 films [in her own words] in order to wait for the right script.

Did I refuse 40 films for this?
Did I refuse 40 films for this?

In a September 17, 2012 interview, Tina, then Narmada, is quoted to have said: “It’s not that I have to make my debut at a certain time. You see, I want to start with the right project and the right people. I have my family’s reputation to keep in mind. I just can’t be associated with any project.”

‘It’s not that I am not being offered work or anything. People always talk about how my debut movie with Vijender never took off. They never talk about the 30-40 films I have rejected. Yes, so many films have come my way, but I have not said yes to any because I never felt that they would be the right platform for me. I’m in no hurry. I will wait for the right project to come along. I always consult my family on my future and they’re also happy that I am not rushing into taking any wrong decisions.”

Well Tina, I’m sure you did not consult dad before stepping into this scriptless, tasteless, mindless, hopeless, brainless movie.

Better luck next time!

Shruti Seth leaves a trail… after being trolled!

You do well, you trend. You speak honestly, you are trolled. You respond with calm, you leave a trail… of appreciation!


Selfies don’t bring about change, says Shruti Seth

Actress Shruti Seth learnt this the hard way last week when she opened up her mind to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative #Selfiewithdaughter. Shruti spoke her Mann Ki Baat, but was ridiculed and shamed and abused. But hats off to the lady, she kept a cool head and side-stepped the drivel with maturity, and responded with equal calm.

So what if her Bollywood career is non-existent, as some said in their tweets, at least she has progressive views, and is not afraid of speaking out.

So what if Bollywood did not stand up to her, like they did for Deepika Padukone just a few months ago, atleast there are many people who have lauded her courage and her insight into an initiative.

Maybe we can start another initiative for those who cannot digest the truth, #selfiwithmirror!

What say, Shruti?!


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