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Dharma’s family entertainer Jugjugg Jeeyo becomes profitable

So, a complete family entertainer, Jugjugg Jeeyo, that released last Friday completes a successful week in theatres. Director Raj Mehta’s Jugjugg Jeeyo, a unique family drama that talks about contemporary issues on marital ties and the vulnerability in relationships at different age groups has found liking amongst audience in India as well as overseas. The first trailer had set the expectations of the family audience; the outcome is now for everyone to see. And, considering what we gather from the sources, then even the producers must be chuffed with the project.

The math revealed by a source claim that Dharma Productions’ Jugjugg Jeeyo has recovered its Cost of Production (CoP) from the non-theatrical revenues itself, which would mean through sale (or other arrangements) of satellite, digital and music rights. Also, the Prints and Advertising (P&A) cost was recovered from the first weekend domestic Box-Office collections. This should apparently mean the project is in the green i.e., profitable, in the producer’s books from the 1st weekend itself!

Raj Mehta’s Jugjugg Jeeyo is being lapped up by critics and audience alike. Watching Anil Kapoor on the screen double up with his comic timing and amazing expressions, with a father-son bonding with Varun Dhawan makes it a joyride. Maniesh Paul too adds the right dose of humour with his histrionics.

No wonder, the global Box-Office collection, reportedly, stands more than 86cr. Jugjugg Jeeyo is all set to step into its second weekend and the producer’s hope and expectations would be to see a huge jump this weekend too.

With the gorgeous Kiara Advani and Neetu Kapoor completing the family, Jugjugg Jeeyo is proving successful in bringing the family audience back to the theatre with its worldwide acceptance.


Pragya Jaiswal

Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu

Karan Kundrra

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