Diane Keaton: Chris Martin is gorgeous

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Actress Diane Keaton says Coldplay frontman Chris Martin is gorgeous, and she feels his looks have improved with time.

"I'm going to talk about Chris Martin. He was with Dakota (Johnson), they're a couple. Got it? He's gorgeous. That face got better with time. He was wearing a hat like this … it was to die for," Keaton said on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show".

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While Keaton is a huge fan of the Yellow hitmaker, she didn't know he was the 40-year-old singer when she came face to face with him at TV host Ellen DeGeneres's birthday party. She only found out his identity a couple of days after sar-studded bash, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

Asked if Keaton knew who Martin was, she said: "I didn't. That's the other problem. I didn't know who he was. But I saw him and I noticed he was gorgeous but I had no idea until a couple of days later when someone said, 'Did you know?' EN.LVOV.NATASHAESCORT.COM

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"How about that? How could I not have known it was him?"

The GODFATHER actress also enjoyed meeting singer Pink.

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