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Dibakar Banerjee: Abhay did better than SRK

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“Abhay’s Tamil accent is better than Shahrukh in RA.ONE,” said Dibakar Banerjee at the unveiling of the first look of the film.

When Abhay was quizzed about his Tamil act in the film, Abhay said, “It was something completely alien to be. You don’t expect me to be in the role of an older south Indian IAS officer. I got really excited as it was a challenge.”

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However when he was compared to Shahrukh in RA.ONE director Dibakar Banerjee, who is known for his frank opinions, added, “I can say that he did better than that (SRK’s Tamil act). For three months, Abhay had a Tamil coach to train him in Tamil alphabets, language and the accent. He also made a condition that before the shoot of each scene I would be on the sets in his van along with coach before his scene. If I didn’t spend half an hour with him rehearsing his dialouge with the language coach then he wouldn’t shoot for the scene. It has not been an easy task for Abhay.”

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“This character is alien to me. So I worked more on the language. The character that I play is egoistical, short-tempered, he is very reserved and religious person. The big stumbling block for me was the language. As I am a Tamil guy in this film, so on the accent part, we did not want to make it sound stereotype, I learnt Tamil alphabets and came to know that they don’t have certain letters,” Abhay said.

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