Dibakar has pushed the bar higher with SHANGHAI!

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Those who have been lucky enough to see Dibakar Banerjee’s SHANGHAI have only good things to say about the film and we are not surprised given Dibakar’s flawless track record. The highly respected director makes sure that his films are in the category of good films and just not abstract cinema, which many filmmakers indulge in the name of progressive/intellectual cinema. He seasons his films with a judicious mix of humour as well as catchy music and dance.

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However, seeing the promos of SHANGHAI many of his fans are worried about the fact that this time around his hard hitting cinema appears to be lacking in his brand of humour, and the proceedings look a bit tense and dark. And many are curious to know if that is indeed the case. So who better than erudite economics graduate from Delhi university, Mansi Aggarwal, the choreographer of the hit track ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ to enlighten us on this.

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We asked Mansi if she has seen SHANGHAI and whether it lacked humour and Mansi says, ‘Yes, I have seen the film, and trust me that though the film is more radical (compared to Dibakar’s earlier films), there is definite humour which is subtle. And this time around Dibakar has pushed the bar higher. As an audience I’ll say, ‘achhi hai’ (it is good)!’

Well, that should allay the fears of Dibakar’s fans and we are sure that they will have an enjoyable time this week when they checkout SHANGHAI in theaters

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