Friday, October 22, 2021

Dice Media unveils the trailer of the 2nd Season of its hit series ‘Firsts’

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After the resounding success of season 1, Dice Media, the long form storytelling channel of Pocket Aces, brings back its successful web series, ‘Firsts’ in partnership with the popular dating app, Bumble. Ahead of its release, the platform drops the exciting trailer of the series’ second season creating room for some chatter. Wait, What? A show on love in the time of quarantine???

The season 2 trailer of Firsts takes you through an enchanting journey of two singles Aman Pranay Manchanda and Tanya Kriti Vij who meet on a dating app, while stuck in the lockdown amidst the global pandemic, and forge a deep connection. Aman, a 30 year old marketing executive, is jovial in nature and is finding it difficult to cope up with the ongoing lockdown. 

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He is continuously looking for ways to socialise with people online. While Tanya, a 28 year old software developer has a very optimistic attitude to life, although misses spending time with people during this lockdown. Each episode perfectly captures their very first dating moments – like their very first conversation, the first time they complimented each other, expressed their feelings for one another, their first argument and many more. The story goes on to showcase how in a helpless lockdown situation, this young couple supports and comforts  each other, and their relationship blossoms with each passing day.

As romantic as it sounds, the question is, do they end up falling in love or not? How do they cope with the COVID-19 lockdown and when it's finally time to meet, would they have become soulmates by then? This is what you need to watch out for!

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