Did Armaan Malik just delete his Insta account?

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Mumbai, March 11 (IANS) All posts on singer Armaan Malik’s Instagram have suddenly been deleted. Not only that, the singer posted a text last night, which reads: “I can’t take it anymore”.

The post is written in white ink over a black background. This sudden deletion of all previous posts, with a one-line cryptic note, has led to speculation among the singer’s fans regarding whether his profile has been hacked.

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One fan commented: “Armaan what happened? You are giving us real tension. Please don’t do this.”

Confused whether the singer himself did it or his profile has been hacked, another fan wrote: “Is this you Armaan?”

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Another user thought the singer is probably going through a rough patch mentally, and commented: “Did you just delete everything? Don’t worry too much. Everything sorts itself out with time.”

However, a closer look at the singer’s Twitter account reveals everything is all right with him. Going by his tweets, it seems that probably his Instagram account has been hacked.

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Only yesterday the singer tweeted, with a smiling selfie: “We did it guys #1MillionArmaanians on Twitter finally. Onwards & upwards no looking back.. let’s gooo!!”

He also tweeted a Happy Holi message for fans: “#HappyHoli2020 to all. Enjoy yourselves but please be safe and take care of the doggos on the streets. Don’t let them be affected by our colours!”



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