Did Sana Khaan & Vishal Pandya hint about their relationship?

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When a film is nearing the release, various stories start floating in media. This is what happened yet again. It was reported in media that Vishal Pandya and gorgeous Sana Khaan are dating as cupid struck them while they were filming for WAJAH TUM HO.

To get a clear picture on their love story, in an exclusive conversation when we poked Vishal Pandya if he is dating Sana Khaan, his instant reaction was a broad smile followed with blushing and after looking here and there, he finally answered, “Let there be just talks in media, and he smiled again.”

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Well surely his smile was a hint enough and conveyed everything. 

Interestingly, Sana Khaan was also present at the interactions. Before we could ask Sana Khaan, we saw something and got a sure hint that something is brewing between the two.

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Sana was unwell and alleged beau Vishal was concerned about her health and was taking good care of her (friendly gestures you see).

Soon, when we probed Sana about her relationship with Vishal, Sana clearly stated, “Vishal is the only friend I have in the industry and he is my best friend.”

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There is a dialogue in KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI, ‘Pyaar dosti hai..’

Well this says all in Sana and Vishal’s case!

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