Did Yash Chopra have premonition about time to pack up?

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Just a month ago on the eve of his 80th birthday when he had invited presswaalas to witness the interaction with Shahrukh Khan, Yash Chopra had announced out of the box that JAB TAK HAI JAAN would be his last film as the director. There was a lament by his fans, followers and also the new breed of stars that he was denying an opportunity to a new generation to work with him by making such an announcement, but may be in his heart of hearts he had become aware of the fact probably that the time to pack-up indeed was round the corner.


It was also owing to this fact that Yash Chopra had requested Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh to be a part of JAB TAK HAI JAAN, though they were not supposed to be there in the original scheme of things. So Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh went to London to be a part of JTHJ. In the same manner, as Anil Kapoor, reminisced offering his condolence note that Yashji had joined in 70th birthday celebration of Big B, though he was very sick, again underlining the fact that probably in his heart of hearts he was aware that he may not be there after some time.

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Now that he is gone, it indeed seems that he had seen what was in the offing for him. But he has created an institution in the form of Yash Raj Films and Yash Raj Studios that would be a living testimony to his commitment, love and devotion for cinema. Yash Raj Studios is one of the best studios in the country with state-of-the-art equipments and is his contribution towards the cause of cinema for all times to come. He used to lament that the present generation of filmmakers does not have the kind of bonhomie that his generation had. May be, as a tribute to the memory of this giant who has been associated with the industry for more than half a century cinema maker of the present times would rise and take the case of cinema forward and it would be a fitting tribute to the memory of this giant, who gave Hindi cinema a new meaning through his rich oeuvre of films, through the institutions that he created and through his conduct.

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