Sunday, October 24, 2021

Dipna Patel: Dancing removes an actor’s inhibitions

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Mumbai, March 13 (IANS) “Shubharambh” actress Dipna Patel, a professional expert in dance forms such as Salsa, Bachata and Jazz, believes that actors should learn the basics of dance as it helps people to become more agile and devoid of inhibitions.

“I really believe that actors should learn the basics for sure. It definitely helps us to become more agile. Dancing removes your inhibitions and it is important for the craft. I love expressing myself through dance and music. It’s lovely to use all parts of your body to express and tell a story through dance,” said the actor, who has also starred in Gujarati film “Gujjubhai The Great”.

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Dipna also takes a lot of interest in Bollywood films and looks up to some of the best dancers in the industry.

“In terms of expressions, I have absolutely loved Madhuri Dixit and Govinda. Amongst the current ones I really like Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone. It’s a joy to watch them dance,” said Dipna.

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