DJing was an alien profession for DJ Akbar Sami in India

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DJ Akbar Sami is happy with the growing acceptance of DJs in India and says DJing was an alien profession for many when he entered the industry.

"The industry has changed rapidly over the years. With the evolution of technology, everything has become different now. Like I had zero social media support at the time I started off. The reach was impossible as there were very few who knew of and understood my profession," Sami told IANS over an email.

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"It was very difficult to showcase my creations to larger audiences. Often, people around me would ask me what I did for a living. When I told them, they would wonder and get confused, as for them, DJing was an alien profession. Neither did they have search engines to help them look up for the same," he added.

Sami became famous with his remix albums such as 'Jalwa', 'Jalwa 2' and 'Jadoo'. He was honored with the DJ Of The Decade Award at the INCA [India Nightlife Convention And Awards] 2018 recently.

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He says it is easy to become a DJ as "technology has changed the very essence of this beautiful craft".

"Anyone and everyone can take shortcuts, add the initials 'DJ' in front of their names and become DJs by simply playing music using the electronic and social media to their advantage. Most of them are also getting popularity very quickly, without any kind of professional courses or any experience, thanks to social media."

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But some facts remain the same.

"One has to learn the art form from a professional institution which is not happening here in India. Except for a handful of them, we don't have many teachers who can actually teach the art of DJing. There is a reason why nightclubs, pubs, and bars all over the country are opening and shutting down so fast," said Sami, who turned singer with a rehashed version of Kabhi Kabhi.

"More attention is given to factors such as decor and lighting and also trivial aspects such as the glasses in which drinks would be served but no one pays heed to ensure a good sound system. Often, the club owners scrooge on the expense that should pay for a good DJ. They tend to hire people with little or no experience, ending up with mediocre performances. This can harm the success of the club. Hopefully, good DJs and good music can bring some change in the scene soon."

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