DO RAHA- A tale of War and Love

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There have been endless discussions about the war in the last few months as our country faced some difficult times. But is war all about fighting on borders? What does it do to those who are a part of it? One doesn’t necessarily have to be right there, on the edge, holding a rifle or flying a fighter plane. There are bigger wars fought within, on the deep complex ground of human mind. DoRaha, a play being staged in Mumbai talks about this moral war that we fight internally and at times have to lose small battles of trust, love, bonds, and much more in order to win the war.

Director Inayatullah Kantroo and playwrights Mikhael Kantroo and Varun Tewari decided to put this production on stage as the subject is challenging enough for all involved in it. DoRaha means crossroad. This is what Mikhael has to say about the play as a writer and an actor, “If it doesn’t baffle you, it is not art. The adaptation of Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons” has its own twists and turns. Each character’s journey will amaze you, it will make you question yourself for sure.”

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The response of the first season of DoRaha was warm and welcoming enough to bring it back for the audiences. The Cast includes of Sanjay Gurbaxani, Mikhael Kantroo, Varun Tewari, Vijay Vikram Singh, Nvyata Malkani, Sankalp Joshi, Prakhar Toshniwal and Seema Sehgal. 

The story of DoRaha revolves around the Randhawas, an army family whose lives are turned upside down after an unforeseen incident. At the crossroads, which path will they choose? It is a story that everyone who thinks from the heart will find relatable. To know more watch the play, on 14th April at Rangsharda Bandra and on 18th April at St. Andrew’s Bandra.

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