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Does Sridevi romance a ‘firangi’ in ENGLISH VINGLISH?

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That is how it looks like in the heart-warming theatrical trailer of her film ENGLISH VINGLISH. It has a handsome and hunky French actor Mehdi Nebbou in its cast. In one of the shots in the trailer we see him re-arranging a strand of her hair fallen on her face. Largely set in the US, the film is about an Indian housewife ridiculed by her own family for her extremely bad English and her resolve to learn the language to earn their approval and respect. Her husband and children are particularly rude to her and consider her too traditional and old-fashioned. It will be interesting to know the audience response to a ‘firangi’ romancing an Indian housewife.


According to the film’s debutant director Gauri Shinde the idea of the film came out of her own life and Sridevi’s character is modeled on her mother. She had the script ready with her but was never sure who would she cast in the lead role. In an informal chat with Boney and Sridevi her husband Balki mentioned the script to them. Sridevi was curious and after Gauri met the actress for a narration, she could not think of anyone else in the role.

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The film that was expected to be released on September 21, will now be hitting the screen in India on 4th October, presumably to avoid a clash with Madhur Bhandarkar’s HEROINE starring Kareena Kapoor. ENGLISH VINGLISH is produced by Hope Productions and distributed by Eros International.

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