Tips on dressing your feet this winter bollywood style

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It’s wintertime and winter isn't exactly the easiest season for dressing. Take a cue from these celeb styles. The endless layering and styling possibilities that comes with the winter chill is as much fun and accessorizing your outfit with boots could be a classy one. So opt for the trendiest footwears. Footwear adds to the final touch to winter outfit. Ensure choosing something that is both comfortable and stylish. Ankita Bajaj Shankar, Marketing lead at VANS India and Vijay Pal Singh, Director at Truffle Collection, list down some options that can go well in winter.

In this fun winter sartorial vibe, it makes sense to incorporate boots that reflect this vibe the best. The classics, bright colours, combat boots and cowboy styles are major showstoppers.

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Stay grounded with your fashion-forward flats. The classic loafer will be the perfect fit. You can also try various styles with bows and pointed toes, which are ideal for work, weekends and any other sort of event.

In a mood for a party? Level up your footwear with the not so conventional heels. Winter, for sure, is all about rugging up, being warm and cozy, but that doesn't mean that everyone's favourite heels should be opted out.

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White sneakers
White trainers are a must if you want to wear something sporty yet trendy. One could argue that they get dirty but they go with everything and the colour gives an option to play with it when you play with winter layering.

Casual shoes
Why should we wear these is a no-brainer. Black shoes go well if you are going for a monochromatic look this winter or your game is neutral colours. From high-tops to slip-on to lace-ups there is so much you can choose from.

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If you have been eyeing that high-top pair, now is your chance to get it. These shoes will keep your feet warm and at the same time add to your style quotient. Mix and match the print or the fabric of the shoe to suit your requirement: from leather to suede or print to plain.

Furthermore here are some of the trendiest winter boots. Orhan, the shoe stylist at Steve Madden and Ambud Sharma, founder, Escaro Royale Luxury, list some trends in boots.

Over-the-knee winter boots have been a popular choice for the last couple of years and rightly so. But, it's how you style them that change your entire winter look. Instead of opting for the done-n-dusted ‘short skirts and dresses that meet the boots' look, go for velvety mid-length skirts and ankle-sweeping coats to give a layered effect.

Animal print
Whether in leopard, zebra or snake form, animal prints are set to be one of the top trends for fall. Keep in mind that animal prints basically qualify as neutrals, so the styling possibilities of these shoes are endless. You can work them into an earthy sweater and cropped jeans look or team with a maxi dress and jean-jacket combo. And they will pretty much complement any coat colour as you step afoot this winter.

Classy black boot
It goes without saying that once the temperature drops, a pair of black winter boots are a necessary wardrobe investment. When choosing a pair of black winter boots, imagine yourself wearing them every day for a week with a different outfit. A classic pair of black boots in high or low ankle can rock most of your wardrobe and will instantly elevate any look.

Chelsea boots
A pair of Chelsea boots is a must-have for every guy. Not only a pair of Chelsea boots provides the proper warmth in winters but also offers better comfort and grip than other boots. These boots are versatile and can be paired with an endless array of outfits from a tailored classic suit to casual jeans and T-shirt.

Ankle boots
Ankle boots are the most popular boots among men. Reaching to or just above the ankle, these can be flaunted with a wide range of outfits. They can be matched with chinos and a buttoned-up shirt for the casual look to denim with a T-shirt with a blazer to rock the urban look.

Brogue boots
These are easily recognized by its patterned hole punch detailing. They are very stylish to wear and give a different dimension to your look. They can be worn with dark coloured chinos and denim for the casual look and with a tailored blazer to tweak a formal look.

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