Dulquer Salmaan’s hands shake while doing intimate scenes


So my dad was a really angry person, he still is. He has a temper. I think we have grown up seeing this. So my sister and me are really bad at like confrontation. We both those people, who have all these things you’re gonna say and on the drive back, you’re like saying it to yourself. I should have said this, man this was my comeback. But I don’t do it. I feel like I went through this phase in High school, middle school.

Dulquer Salmaan gets irritated by this one thing!
I think what really irks me is like people, airport, traffic, I feel like any kind of entitlement, not because I’m famous. But people like cutting queues, lack of discipline or patience, disrespect.

Deep inside I kinda wanna be a bad boy : Dulquer Salmaan
I feel both of those kind of mean ‘Alexendar’ so like ‘Sikander’. I kinda wanna be Satan, I feel like deep inside I kinda wanna be like a bad boy.


The meanest thing Dulquer has ever done!
I don’t know, I used to be mean to my sister a lot, growing up. That’s the most evil thing I could think of. I would just annoy her so much that she would lose it and reach out to hit me or something and I would just block. But I was just so boney that it would just hit her. And I always made her late to school.

Dulquer’s first job
The school we went to, there was generally the trend everybody seemed to be studying abroad post their 12th. So we both, my sister went for masters, I went for my under grad and I know it was a pinch for my folks. So that was something that I was very aware of. A lot of my friends in college were working, doing part time jobs and I was like I shouldn’t be so privileged. I wanted to give it a shot, just to see whether I’ll enjoy it. But it is super humbling. My college was big for like American football.

If there is a home game, all of the parents of students studying there, alumni, everybody shows up. I would be in the food court maybe working pizza, I remember this. And they would just get rowdy after a point, there are just so many pizzas I could make in that time right. So they would come into my space and cross into where I’m working and I would have to be like stern but not like mean because I’m still in services but in my head I’m like ‘I so don’t need to do this, where I come from!’ You need that sort of knock on your head.


Dulquer on nepotism
It was much easier for me. I don’t think we have a major auditioning culture in Malayam. It hasn’t been there traditionally. There would obviously people be like – ‘hey is your son looking to act?’ We were looking to cast newcomers in a film, so I would get these random enquiries, nothing that I could connect to. And then I found this one film where I just had the script and they were like everybody is a newcomer on this movie I was like great I won’t be the only newcomer you know we can all learn together, make mistakes together, I was like we all can do workshops and all of that.

So that’s how I stumbled upon my first film, but I’ll be lying if I say ‘oh I really struggled, or I had to audition and all that jazz’. I didn’t. I had no idea how to go about it. My dad was like don’t come to me, I’m not going to make any phone calls, I refused to ask people. He still, to this day, hasn’t which I love him for. Randomly this enquiry came, I heard a few ideas, I liked this one.

Dulquer on how his second film changed his life
My second film really kind of like changed the things around. It’s called ‘Ustaad Hotel’, it's a really beloved film, it won a National Award. The entire film was about family, and like values, his bond with the sister, bond with the grandfather, So I feel, to this day; if that movie plays on TV and it’s played a lot and people just take me into their home with that one film. I feel like that’s where I really became a part of the audience. It’s sort of a big moment for me to realise like what have I just got into.


Dulquer talks to his cars!
I don’t have conversations with them, sometimes maybe! Talking to cars, the only thing I remember maybe like growing up I would be really sad when my dad would sell a car. So I would have to have like one moment with the car alone, and I wouldn’t tell anybody about it because its embarrassing, it’s stupid.

I’m like you know what you have been great, we have had really a great time with you, good memories. And I hope you find a great new home. I have kissed like the steering wheel, I have kissed the roof of the car, not been there when its driven away, I don’t know why. I feel like everyone should geek out on something. I think it’s good, it’s healthy.

This is how Dulquer’s love story started with his wife Amaal!
I literally signed my first film the same month as meeting Amaal. All of the men in my family get married around that age and I was kinda getting there. You know I was like maybe I should get married. I feel the media kinda likes to play with ‘oh like they made sure that he has to get married before he gets into movies’. It wasn’t that at all. I don’t think even my folks thought like that. My folks mostly live Kerala and I grown up in Chennai. I knew of her, went to the same school, people just kept bringing this girl to my attention.

Amaal, she is from your school, from Chennai, you guys have so much in common. I don’t know if I really believe in signs. So I never see Amaal out in Chennai, she is not social at all, she is the opposite of me. But randomly I saw her once at a restaurant or like a salon or something, I’m like why is she randomly popping up. Twice I had seen her, if I see her for the third time I’m at least gonna do something about it, at least gonna like reach out. I went out again and I saw her, it was a friends wedding and I was like hmm maybe this is a sign, maybe I should at least be like ‘hey we should grab a cup of coffee and see if we connect’ and it’s exactly what I did.

I reached out on like facebook or something and I was like hey I don’t know if you remember me from school. She didn’t reply for a few days and I was like was that weird. I wasn’t that smooth, especially with something this serious. And then it like snowballed like instantly, like on our first date I spoke for some 5 hours and we met few more times and then that first movie happened around the same time and I was married in 6 months.

It's hard to get my daughter’s attention: Dulquer
She is now that age where she says that she wants to go to the toy store or something. If its a mall, so I’ll be like baby I can’t come she’ll be like papa come, it’ll be like random people taking pictures.

She’ll be like who takes pictures and I’m like somebody. Somebody? Oh, you come tomorrow? So then I’m like kill me. You know or if I’m gonna leave, she’ll say no, don’t go for shooting or she’ll say I’ll also come for shooting. She says these little things and you feel like the worst father. It’s hard to get their attention, they’re playing all the time.

Find out which woman threw poo on Dulquer’s face in NYC!
I felt like we were like cartoons and I feel like this is the story of every single parent, we’re just winging it. I was like we have to stay in Soho, that’s where I want to be. The biggest rooms you can find there are still tiny and nothing, they didn’t even have like a microwave to heat Mariyam’s food. We just had a kettle, so we’d put food in a glass jar to put it in a kettle.

So both of us are doing these like comedy of errors and I’m watching her, she fine, she’s playing by herself and everything and suddenly she just throws something at me. And I’m lie what is this sort of, what is that. And it’s kinda like dry, green, can’t tell what is this. And then Amaal comes out and she’s like what happened and I was like I don’t babe she just threw something and I cant figure what the hell it is. Do you think and she’s like what! What is it! And then Amaal goes into a panic mode and she was like smell her mouth, smell her mouth. I don’t know how it came out and she obviously just found it and thrown it. It was a piece of poo.

This one thing Dulquer wants to change about Bollywood!
The promotional tours kills me. I’m just like oh my god! It’s insane! I’m like can I just do like a week!

I have only done two films. I think its 20-21 days, yeah this is the 20-21st day of Zoya and Sonam was like this is nothing, I have done 45 and stuff. That’s my thinking, thats what I was thinking that date wise 25 to 35. I shot Karwaan ?in 34 days, so I have done a whole film in that much time.

Dulquer Salmaan is in awe of Amitabh Bachchan!
I cant even call him by his first name, thats how much in awe of him I am. No I’m just saying that you have seen so much, its just such an amazing life gone through, his highs and lows, and look at him bounce back and just does it with like so much class.

Dulquer’s hands shake while doing intimate scenes
My hands shake. One of my tricks when I do intimate scenes, I always tuck women’s hair behind their ear. I find it very endearing, in real life also. But in real life, it’s always easier, this is a familiar person  you know I have a lot of familiarity with my wife. even with my sister or mum. When I do anything physical contact or affection, its easy for me. But every time I’m with a costar from the get go, I mean I have got a lot better now. But I’m always thinking, are they thinking that I’m a jerk that I am getting a some kick out of this.

This is my situation and when they catch this, women are very quick to find out, they are very sharp at seeing this and they are almost always amused by this. And then I feel like I’m like naked, they can see right through me, what I’m going through. People like Sonam is very sweet about it but I have got a lot better but still its not my favourite thing to shoot.

Dulquer was unsure about playing a cricketer in ‘The Zoya Factor’
Growing up I always felt like, specially like gully cricket in Chennai, its not a very inclusive sport. So I was like I’m never going to get to play, I bought the bat and I’m like hey I have a bat. So I was always the kid who was either on his bicycle or playing with lego, video games, so yeah never played lot of cricket while growing up.

I have been fairly open, so when they reached out to me for the film I’m like hey big confession, I’m not a good player, really! I don’t know if I’ll be convincingly enough to play. So for that I wanna take some time out and train for the first time in my life but there would be the days when angad would just come, I would see him like bat, I would see his postures, I would see his body language and I’m like oh my God I’m never gonna look like this. I’m going to be the worst thing in the movie.



Dulquer Salmaan's hands shake while doing intimate scenes 2

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