EK THI DAAYAN: Witchcraft awareness helps Konkona perform better

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Konkona Sen Sharma plays one of the lead in the film EK THI DAAYAN and not many know that the film is based on her father Mukul Sharma's book.

Mukul Sharma in fact is a columnist of a leading publication.

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It is said that 'Witchcraft' is very rampant in Bengal and Mukul Sharma being a writer has closely observed witches and their craft and is very aware of the cult in Bengal.

Since Konkana Sen also grew up in Kolkatta where witchcraft is practiced on a large scale she could understand the nuances and intricacies of her role far better which helped her perform well.

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Director Kannan Iyer was confident that she would absorb the concept very fast.

And as per his vision, Konkona who is also an excellent actress absorbed the concept of the role very well and has performed to the hilt.

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