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Emraan back to kissing with JANNAT 2

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Time and again one hears an actor or an actress state that kissing or bold scenes in the beginning of their career was a ‘mistake’. However it is different in case of Emraan Hashmi. His close associates believe that on the contrary it was a ‘mistake’ on his part to maintain a ‘No Touching Only Seeing’ stance for around a couple of years. No wonder, in his upcoming JANNAT 2, the ‘mistake’ is being rectified by him and his director Kunal Deshmukh.

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Informs our well placed source, “Initially JANNAT 2 was not supposed to feature any kissing or other intimate scenes. However, on further discussions, Bhatts realised that an intense drama like this required something sizzling as well to keep the audience entertained. Pronto a few scenes were either rewritten or added which resulted in the female lead turning out to be much bolder.”

“It was all quite black & white and there was no bad blood involved,” informs a source close to the Bhatts, “When Emraan adopted ‘No kissing’ route for a while, he allowed that but then everyone knows what happened to TUM MILEY and CROOK. His chemistry with his leading girls there was so ‘thanda’ that audience were just not interested. It was imperative that Emraan now did what audience wanted from him.”

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Luckily for them, first timer Esha Gupta didn’t come with any inhibitions and her Miss India background further helped the cause. Though director Kunal Deshmukh refrains from terming lovemaking scenes between her and Emraan belonging to the erotica variety, he does admit that there would be enough eye candy for audience to feast on.

“Well yes, there is kissing and other scenes involved but not the kind that would make you squirm. Bhatts wanted the sex quotient to go up and I agree with them as well. Anyways we had made the mistake of keeping the love story between Emraan and Soha so neat and clean. Audiences were really disappointed there. Guess it’s time to get a little dirty,” he quips, “It won’t be a dirty picture though.”

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