Emraan Hashmi: Our Film Industry is full of clich”e”

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The success of the RAAZ series has made horror synonymous with Emraan Hashmi. So much so that now when his EK THI DAAYAN is getting ready for release, Emraan is going all out to let his audience know that this psychological drama is different from the horror stories that he has churned out with the Bhatts. In the process of doing so, he is also trying to break free from the cliche’s that go not just with horror as a genre, but with him as an actor.

view EK THI DAAYAN stills
view EK THI DAAYAN stills

‘Let’s admit it; our film industry is full of cliche’s. I think it is wise to get out of these sooner than later. See, even in my films people associate certain things with me. I am trying to break that to the best of my ability. However if a director brings something to the table then you want to do something different,’ says Emraan Hashmi.

He confesses that there are cliche’s of horror attached to his name, especially after the super success of RAAZ 3.

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‘But then there is no fun doing the same thing again. Of course you want to keep the strength on but then it is also required to bring in a spin. I am trying to do that with EK THI DAAYAN,’ reasons Emraan.

One such step in this direction is to go for an unconventional on-screen pairing, as evidenced in his sharing the stage with Konkona Sen Sharma, Kalki Koechelin and Huma Qureshi.

‘That is the really interesting about the film. When odd couples come together, there is bound to be odd chemistry in the story; that works. After all, people don’t want to see two well-adjusted people; they want us to get out of the cliche’s,’ he adds.

We hope that is indeed the case and would know once this Kannan Iyer directed film releases all over on 19th April.

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