Emraan Hashmi: Without box-office success creativity is of no use

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After continued success of films like RAAZ 3, THE DIRTY PICTURE, JANNAT 2, MURDER 2 and ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI to name a few, Emraan Hashmi‘s name is now associated with films that arrive with huge expectations. In fact after EK THI DAAYAN, he would be seen in high profile films like GHANCHAKKAR, UNGLI and GUTKA, to name a few. Guess he has started getting used to the responsibility of stardom?

view EK THI DAAYAN stills
view EK THI DAAYAN stills

“Well, I won’t deny that box office success is very important. As a matter of fact there is nothing else to commercial cinema; it is very simple. Obviously there is one part of looking at a film from creative perspective and bringing in artistic satisfaction and stuff like that. Of course as an actor, you have to constantly feed that creative thing to it. Having said that, without box office success your creativity is of no use,’ says Emraan in a matter-of-fact tone.

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He continues, ‘If there are not enough people to watch your film in theatres then what is the use of making it? When you make a film for Rs. 2 it should at least earn Rs. 2.50 or Rs. 3. My film has to give more money to everyone who has invested in it; that’s what my intention is. Of course once the numbers start clocking in, people expect that they would go higher with every film and one day go to dizzying heights. This is what I truly want and have no qualms in admitting that.’

One hopes the results continue to be positive for Emraan Hashmi as EK THI DAAYAN releases worldwide on April 18.

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