Emraan Hashmi’s Adhuri filming!

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Hashmi’s Adhuri filming!
This is epic. Not jumping on to Balan’s lips must have been a frustrating time for Emraan Hashmi in HAK. It’s his haq, you see, of smooching every heroine he is paired up with. In a few films he has also flaunted this ‘license’ he has been supposedly given by over-enthusiastic directors and ever-willing heroines with some cheesy lines. Every time in HAK, he has gotten dangerously close to Vidya Balan’s lips, and then like a good boy, gone for a traditional hug.

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Surely, he must be feeling that this was adhuri shooting.

Balan is big when it comes to lip-locks
Speaking of Vidya Balan, she is not averse to kissing, or is in anyway a bad kisser. If anything, in the days when smooching was thrown open, after film-makers stopped bringing flowers together, hers has been the best smooches Bollywood has seen, or will ever see. There is fire, passion and intimate joy in the way she emotes when her lips are locked with her co-star, depending on her character and the scene.

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In GURU, there is this sequence in the rain with her sitting on a wheelchair when she embraces Madhavan for a passionate kiss. This scene was mind-blowing, in the sense, that it pushed the plot several notches higher. This was not just a kiss inserted to entice, it was a moment in the movie that dwelled on her relationship and her state of her mind.

Another lip-lock of hers was in ISHQIYA with Arshad Warsi. This was out-and-out raunchy and in your face, pitched to the fiery character that she portrayed. To my mind, no Bollywood lip-lock has matched Balan’s till date.

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Hashmi, the serial kisser, is like a child in the class when compared to these classics.

Presenting, kisses of 2008!

Since we are on lip-locks and in an era where flowers no longer do the needful, I bring to you the 10 best lip-locks of 2008. This was around the time when actors had warmed up to the idea of going the distance, as far as a kiss was concerned. Here, it was thanks to Vidya Balan who set the tone with her lip-lock in GURU in January 2007.

Here goes, not necessarily in order of performance

• Rahul Bose and Rituparna Ghosh (ARUNANAN) light peck on the lips
• Shreyas Talpade and Lina Christianson (BOMBAY TO BANGKOK) Three solid scenes. Very good.
• Dino Morea and Sheetal Menon (BRAHM)…. Yummm!
• Emraan Hashmi-Sonal Chauhan (JANNAT). sweet brushes, love strokes.
• Imran Khan and Manjari Phadnis (JAANE TU… JAANE NA…) Quick lip kiss
• Mallika Sherawat-Ranvir Sheory: (UGLY AUR PAGLI) Proper smooch
• Ranbir-Minissha Lamba; Ranbir-Bipasha Basu; Ranbir-Deepika Padukone; (BACHANA AE HASEENO)
• Rahul Bose-Mallika Sherawat: (MAAN GAYE MUGHAL-E-AZAAM) Proper lip-nibbling
• Sharman Joshi and Chitrangada Singh. (SORRY BHAI) Good
• Rahul Bose and Saba: (DIL KABADDI) Sexy

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