Enacting Marathi roles seems to be the flavour of the season

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KHILADI 786 which has been released this Friday has Asin enacting the role of Marathi mulgee for the first time on the silver screen. It is within a matter of a few months during the current year that leading ladies have been enacting the role of Marathi mulgee. In the beginning of this year, Priyanka Chopra enacted the role of a Marathi girl in AGNEEPATH, which was more of a sober version of the spitfire act that she had enacted in KAMINEY and it was followed by Rani Mukherji in AIYYAA and now it is Asin doing the same with KHILADI 786.

view KHILADI 786 poster
view KHILADI 786 poster

When one plays or enacts the role of a Marathi female character on the screen, it provides an opportunity to bring about a rustic performance with a sense of chutzpah that characterizes the spirit of Mumbai, or rather the carefree and confident attitude, which is the hallmark of a Marathi woman living in Mumbai and even in the interiors of Maharastra.

In the maze of portrayals that a female actor gets to perform these days, most of the times the female actors get to enact the role of an urban woman, which does not provide an opportunity for the actors to bring in some sense of personal touch to the performance to make it an outstanding one. The opportunity to enact the role of a Marathi woman provides the chance to the female actors to bring in a certain sense of rustic peppered with the modernity that is a by-product of living in a metropolis like Mumbai and it has indeed thrown up the opportunity to make the performance stand out as a hallmark performance.

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It would be interesting to watch out whether for Asin that opportunity has been provided to her with KHILADI 786, but if one were to go by the past performance of enacting such roles by the film actresses, then the history indeed is illustrative. One of the most scintillating performances that immediately comes to mind is that of Madhuri Dixit in SAILAAB, particularly the song- Humko hai aajkal intezaar. Among such significant performances of enacting the role of a Marathi girl on screen, one can bring into relief the role played by Geeta Baali in JAAL incidentally which carved a niche for her as a woman of an independent mind, thanks to the role that she got to play. Smita Patil’s performance in BHUMIKA is another such creditable performance as a Marathi girl on screen. Even a Katrina Kaif set the screen ablaze with her Marathi mulgee performance in AGNEEPATH and it has become among her significant performances in her acting sojourn and Vidya Balan came out with flying colors in FERRARI KI SAWAARI though both of them did item numbers but these songs became the talk of the town and were in themselves responsible for bringing in the audience in the cinema halls.

May be, now that the new breed of writers is emerging, more so who have grown around Mumbai and seen the real life Marathi women characters making their mark in day-to-day life, they are writing about such characters on to the silver screen.

Such change in dynamics is also a reflection on the fact that the writers are trying to bring in characters on the screen which appear realistic, and one only hopes that more such characters of the likes that Asin is playing in KHILADI 786 would be seen being enacted by other mainstream actors as well.

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