Esha not just for oomph factor in JANNAT 2?

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Films coming from the house of Bhatts do tend to tilt largely towards the glamour quotient that their leading ladies bring. Moreover with ‘ghar-ka-hero’ Emraan Hashmi and now hot-n-happening Randeep Hooda leading charge in JANNAT 2, one does wonder whether first timer Esha Gupta would indeed have something substantial up her sleeves other than just being present to exude oomph in this Kunal Deshmukh film. One wonders whether Esha really felt that it would be her ‘acting talent’ that would hold centre-stage in JANNAT 2.

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download ESHA GUPTA wallpapers

”Well, don’t jump to any conclusions before seeing the film,’ smiles Esha, ‘I really liked the role I was offered in the film as well as the personality traits I had to bring on screen. Reason being that the character I play is something similar to what I am in real life as well. So it was pretty much a win-win situation.”

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One really hopes that it is indeed the case in JANNAT 2 since even in JANNAT, Sonal Chauhan had an integral part to play in the film.

”You have to trust me on that,” Esha gives out a smile here, ‘In any case the film would be out in three months, so you would know what I am saying. In the film I play this tough urban girl; you know the kind who won’t take time to move on if her partner does something wrong. However she would be there for him if she thinks that he is right. Now I am like that in real life as well. I won’t take anything wrong lying down.”

With music by Pritam, JANNAT 2 releases all over on 4th May.

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