EXCLUSIVE – Ash King: Heartbreak motivated me to sing romantic tracks!

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London-based Bollywood playback singer, Ash King, made his debut with DELHI 6 song ‘Dil Gira Dafatan’ and immediately struck a chord. All the songs he has recorded in his eight-year-long filmy career have had English accent. He has also sung famous songs like ‘Te Amo’ from DUM MAARO DUM, ‘I Love You’ from BODYGUARD, ‘Meherbaan’ from BANG BANG, Aunty Ji from EK MAIN AUR EKK TU and many others. However, despite being an established singer, for his latest number 'Baarish' from HALF GIRLFRIEND, which is currently ruling the charts, it wasn't a cakewalk because he had to tone down his British accent.

In an exclusive conversation with Ash King, he spoke in length about journey in Bollywood, his hardships, struggle, his favourite singers and much more.Do you miss London?
I don't miss London now. I am much more relaxed in Mumbai. People here have this glamorous image of Indians living in London, but it is a bigger struggle there. I never thought my music would bring me money. I loved music and I am passionate about it.

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What inspired you to sing soulful romantic numbers?
I loved a girl, when I came to India. As I was new to the city adapting to changes and surrounding, and somehow the relationship didn’t work due to cultural differences I felt bad. I was heartbroken and shattered and then music came, soulful songs came. I loved singing ‘Meherbaan’ from BANG BANG it gave me peace, and the latest I sang was ‘Baarish’ from HALF GIRLFRIEND.

Tell us about your song ‘Baarish’ from HALF GIRFRIEND?
I loved the song and one of the best things that I like about India is the monsoon. I am glad I got to sing a song about rains. The track was challenging because composers usually like my western style. But this time around, I was told that the character I was singing for couldn't speak English at all. I had to be careful about my western accent. Moreover, I loved the lyrics they are so romantic and meaningful. When I sang the song, I was so moved by the song.

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Are you comfortable singing different styles?
Yes, I am open to. I want to sing Sufi and Ghazals. My all-time favourite singers are Jagjit Singh, Chitra Singh and many more.

What kind of music you love to listen?
I am a singer and music is my passion. I listen to all kind of music; it’s very temperamental for me.

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After lending voice to various actors, now who would you want to give your voice to?
I love Aamir Khan, I want to lend my voice for him. He is a tremendous actor. It’s my dream.

Which musical instrument you like to play?
Not many people these days play, but I love to play table.

What are your upcoming projects?
I am working on my first independent English single and a few Hindi numbers as well.

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