Exclusive: Dost Ho Toh Aisa

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You have heard of famous Bollywood bonds between actors. From the well-known legends like Amitabh Bachchan and Rajinikanth, to the bonding between Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor all have set examples of friendship and brotherhood on their own. But dosti between a producer and a director is a very rare and exclusive in its own. The producer and director of the upcoming supernatural horror flick THE FINAL EXIT starring Kunaal Roy Kapur in the lead, is that rare occasion which makes us say – bhai, Dost Ho Toh Aisa’. Read on.

Producer Mrunal Jhaveri and director Dhwanil Mehta are both making their ‘entry’ in Bollywood with THE FINAL EXIT. Both Mrunal and Dhwanil are from business backgrounds and it was the sheer passion for cinema that motivated Dhwanil to enroll in Subash Ghai’s WWI. While Mrunal was busy taking ‘stocks’ of his trade, Dhwanil perused his degree and started working on an ambitious international project.

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Later Dhwanil realized that the international project which he is planning needs a much bigger canvas and before that he should established himself in the industry or at least make his presence felt. Taking a leaf of an idea from the branch of thought behind his international project, Dhwanil a follower of Korean style of frills in horrors and RGV style of thrills in such genre came up with THE FINAL EXIT.

Dhwanil shared the idea with Mrunal and the project was on. You must be thinking what’s new in this story. Here is the catch. Though Mrunal and Dhwanil are childhood friends and the desire to be a filmmaker was infused by Dhwanil in Mrunal, Mrunal went an extra mile to help his friend.

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Dhwanil says, “Everything was locked, we were supposed to shoot the next day and suddenly a common friend of ours shared some pictures of his tour to Leh Ladak and I got a kick. Thrilled by the beauty it offered, I requested a rekki to Ladak which Mrunal agreed and during the visit in the broad daylight during an afternoon around 2:00 p.m., I was shit scared. The car was moving on a deserted road with no sign of people or any motel/dhaba etc. it was going on surrounded by the mystical but beautiful mountains. This was scary and hauntingly beautiful. I decided that Ladakh is the location where EXIT will be shot and it will be the broad daylight that will scare you to the limit. It was that eerie feeling of fear by the atmosphere that ringed the bell.”.

Everything was locked, the movie was supposed to be shot in other place and traditionally we were going dark and mad preparations to deliver the eerie feelings during the night sequences but the visit to Ladakh changed it all” adds Dhwanil.

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It was very difficult for a first time producer and businessman like Mrunal to understand such creative impulses but he agreed and went with the vision of his director. Mrunal says, “Yes, I desired to enter the world of cinema and was waiting for the right time, resources and people. Luckily, Dhawanil who passed out from Subhash Ghai’s Whistling Woods International shared the idea of THE FINAL EXIT and bingo, it was an instant kick to my dreams of a Bollywood horror flick and things started rolling. Initially, I was a bit skeptical on how a scene in broad daylight in a horror flick will scare me to hell, but Dhwanil is also a childhood friend and I had faith in his belief and went on with the flow.”

After the shoot and when I watched the final cut I am glad that THE FINAL EXIT has made an attempt to steer the audience with its new age thrills and the eerie feeling in broad daylight amidst the heavenly beauty of Ladakh is something different.”

Well the promos are making some noise and this was possible only when a friend believed in his friend. Bhai, dost ho toh aisa or horror ho toh… ? well that time will tell.

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