EXCLUSIVE – Rochak Kohli: I want to lend my voice for Akshay Kumar


Rochak Kohli, the singer, composer and guitarist rose to fame with Ayushmaan Khurrana's 'Paani Da Rang' song from the film VICKY DONOR and since then there is no stopping for this young talent. He has composed several songs and much recent being NAAM SHABANA wherein he recreated 'Zoobi Zoobi' song.

Recently, he even composed two songs in BANK CHOR, and sung one of them as well.

In an exclusive conversation with Rochak he talks about his friendship with Ayushmann, how he became a musician despite hailing from family of lawyers and being a lawyer himself, his dreams, the music he loves to make and last but not the least his love & admiration for music maestro AR Rahman and superstar Akshay Kumar.




Your song with Ayushmaan Khurana 'Paani Da Rang' became very famous, tell us how did it all began?
It all started in school days. As much as I can recall, I was in 8th grade and a new slim guy Ayushmann joined our school. I used to play table on pencil box he just joined and started singing, and since then it all started and then in college too we were friends. We had composed the song 'Paani Da Rang' in college with bunch of friends. One day Ayush was humming the song and Shoojit Da happened to hear the song. He immediately said that he wants to use this song in VICKY DONOR. When Ayush informed that the film is about a sperm donor, I straight away told him it's an adult film, I don't want to give it. But there then he said let's begin from somewhere and that's how it all started.


You guys come the era when singles & pop albums were in thing, didn't you guys plan to come up with a single being college buddies?
Yes, we had decided to create a band wherein Ayushmaan, myself and many more friends were there and 'Paani Da' was the first song we wanted to go ahead with such college dreams. But that couldn't happen and now I am not sure about the band when and how will it happen as YouTube has taken over and there are so many pros and cons of it.

Tell us about your camaraderie being in same profession, how has your bond evolved with Ayushmann?
We are living our dreams when you follow your dreams these things don't matter. The friendship is going head-strong. We don't interfere in each other's professional lives. We have shared an amazing personal bond. When work and friendship combines it should be tackled with maturity, he doesn't enter my territory and I don't enter his zone. (smiles)

You come from a family of lawyers, how did music happen to you?
Right, I come from a lawyers background. I hail from Chandigarh. It all started as I had a huge fascination for music, like any Bollywood buff I would listen to Rahman sir, RD Burman music and I was inclined towards it, AR Rahman was the inspirational drive for me to get into music. When I thought of being a music composer, I thought it's just about singing. For long I didn't know what music composers do. Slowly and steadily in industry I got to know how it functions. I am learning every day and there is lot to learn.


Who are your favourite composers and singers?
AR Rahman for sure apart from him, RD Burman, Pritam Da as he is setting new benchmark. Singer keeps on changing with the genre of music.

What are the genres you like to listen and compose?
If you ask me as a Musician I grew up listening to Rahman, old Bollywood classics, also Beatles, EDM and Indian ocean band. As a composer the industry gives you a genre to create music on and then you make music on it. Bollywood music is my favourite genre. For instance, there is chutney music from Bihar which was used in the film GANGS OF WASSESPUR, several such genres are used in Bollywood and so is Afghan music.

Any genre that you would like to compose?
I would love to create something in EDM zone. I have done few songs, Acoustic EDM, but let's see if I can do it.

There are so many songs being remixed, what is your take on it?
Remix is done by DJ'S. We can call there are so many songs that are recreated. I think it's difficult to recreate the song. There are memories attached to every person with that song and to recreate is tough, and to represent it to new generation is tougher. The song needs to be appealed to the newer lot. Lately I feel 'Tamma Tamma' is one of the finest.

Tell you about your current project?
I have composed two songs from the film BANK CHOR. One of which I sang that's Tasreef and the other one that I have composed is Jai Baba Bankchor. No one music director can do it and there are 5 composers in the film because if you want to kill the audience you need 5 composers(laughs).

Rochak as a composer or singer?
Definitely Rochak as a composer, as it comes from heart. I consider myself as a best scratch singer. It happened during BANK CHOR when the director and producer said if you sing your own composed songs (laughs).

Can we see you and Ayushmann collaborate again?
Waiting for the moment!

Which musical instruments do you play?
I love to play guitar, and struggling to play piano. My Piano teacher said, 'you are a composer you will run away soon, you will runaway.' that was true, I ran in three months. (Laughs)

Which actor would you want to lend your voice to?
Akshay Kumar, since my school days I am huge fan of him and would love to sing for him one day.

What are your upcoming projects?
LUCKNOW CENTRAL, wherein I am trying my hands on modern sufi songs. The song has two to three versions and goes in sync with the movie. I am lucky the song was composed in time. Post which I have one song for Irrfan Khan and then Vidhu Vinod Chopra's next.