EXCLUSIVE: Vishal Malhotra opens up like never before!

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Vishal Malhotra is one of the most popular faces especially on TV. We remember him from the time he would host Disney in 90’s and later entertained us in ‘Hip Hip Hurray’, and who can forget him is Shahid Kapoor starrer ISHQ VISHQ as ‘Mambo’.

He is known for anchoring and doing some different movies. He will now be seen in TU HAI MERA SUNDAY along with Barun Sobti.

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In an exclusive conversation with Vishal he spoke in length about his film TU HAI MERA SUNDAY, what made him take up a role which he is not even close to in real life, how has the industry been so far and what does he usually do on Sunday.

When asked Vishal Malhotra about his role in the film, he said, “It’s a role which I haven’t done before, or you can say this role is something so very different that audience will be stunned to know that Vishal can do such a role. I play an angry guy. I have always been offered roles that I have done before. This time I wanted to do something different. I am doing a movie after 4 years and this movie is worth the wait.”

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When asked him to describe his journey in Bollywood he said, “My journey has been good, but could have been better had I made some different choices in the films, it would be good.”

Furthermore he spoke about how he spends his Sunday to which he said, “With my lil daughter, when she makes my hair. Sundays if I am not working it’s with her.”

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On being asked which was the best Sunday till date Vishal said, “When my daughter was born that week’s Sunday was the best for me.”

Lastly when asked him what is his take on promotions and marketing does it help in reaching maximum audience he said, “Yes, it’s important to promote and market a film so that it reaches the audience, not necessarily every well marketed film works but to an extent its important.”

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